Ao-Di Next Gene 20 Villas

Project type: Single-Family House


Location: Aodi, Taiwan


Time: 2008-2010


Client: Ao-Di Grand Land Architecture International Project

This villa provides a secluded family retreat embedded in the landscape with an extroverted area for entertainment with panoramic view under an elevated protective shell, as a modern interpretation of Chinese courtyard living. Three vertically layered elements interlock in a spiraling move, creating an architectural landscape.


The entrance meets the spiral move mid-point, delivering the visitor before a panoramic view in the living room. Alternately, a path continues from the entry along a ramp-like stair to the bedrooms above, all of which align to an east-facing terrace as in a traditional Chinese courtyard setting.


The living room accommodates lounge, dining, and entertainment spaces. All areas are glazed floor-to-ceiling and open via sliding doors to surrounding terraces, shaded by the overhang of the upper floor. A central core provides a structural anchor and houses kitchen and service facilities.


The spiral path continues from the entrance to a family zone below with sauna, spa, and pool. The family room opens into a sunken yard, protected from the neighbor’s view and from strong winds.


Varying materials express the characteristics of the vertically layered experiences. A rugged base of natural stone at the base level ties the building to the earth and supports the open, glazed middle level. Metal cladding with an iridescent metallic finish reflects sky and scenery and provides a streamlined shelter from rain and sun.