Bruno Balz Haus

Project type: Multi Family / Condominium, Retail


Location: Berlin, Germany


Time: 2008


The main front of this historic building aligns with Hohenzollernplatz, offering a reference and a point of attraction for passersbys. The new facade design, inspired by patterns of water movement, engages viewers from far and near, offering both a grand gesture and a phenomenological micro-production. In a fine, flowing order, lamellas refine the building’s mass.


A vortex, a figural expression of the tumultuous life of Balz, pulls itself in a diagonal movement through the entire building, leading to new and unexpected spatial situations as it configures the solid again and again. The new design takes up the historic proportions of the pre-war building. The ground floor houses a cafe, cinema, and all-purpose hall, above which subsequent floors accommodate eight generous dwelling units. The two-story Jürgen Draegers studio crowns the building.