Project type: Retail


Location: Los Angeles, U.S.A.


Time: 2006


Status: Completed

The Melrose Avenue store is DC Shoes’ second retail store location. The space’s aim is to provide a unique and upscale retail environment that stays true to DC’s motto “Born of street, born of skate”. With this in mind, the goal is to maintain the vibrant history of this skate brand while bringing its retail imagery into adulthood.


The client expressed an affinity to a clean modern aesthetic, flexibility and materials true to the skater aesthetic. The resulting store is composed of modular fixtures which are easily rearranged as needed. Display walls are made up of individual cubbies that open and close depending on the desired aesthetic and number of shoes on display. The shoe wall is housed on a sliding track, allowing flexibility for the wall as well as the floor space.


The hung plywood ceiling in the entry bay resembles an inverted half-pipe. Its egg crate construction is partially clad, abstractly representing a half-pipe’s smooth surface while exposing its structural components.