Project Type: Publication


Year: 2018


Authors: Christoph Korner, Lars Kr├╝ckeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit, Nora Zerelli (GRAFT), Matthias Horx, Lena Papasabbas, Janine Seitz (Zukunftsinstitut)


Language: German


Publisher: Zukunftsinstitut GmbH


ISBN: 978-3-945647-48-6

Together with the Zukunftsinstitut, GRAFT presents the study FUTOPOLIS, which highlights the development of the megatrend urbanization. Densification, networking, mobility – it is no coincidence that the big topics of the future take place in the cities and metropolises. Urban hubs are political, economic and creative centers and are becoming 21st century states. What are the consequences for urban development, administration or infrastructure, where do opportunities arise for companies, and how do the needs of society change? And: What will happen to the rural regions and how will they develop? The urbanization study addresses these questions and identifies the most exciting topics for the development of urban and rural areas.

The study has been published in German only.

The study is available in the online shop of the Zukunftsinstitut.