Project type: Book


In Cooperation with: Aedes


Edited by: Kristin Feireiss, Hans Jürgen Commerell


Design: GRAFT


Graphic: Li Mei, Claudia Tong


Language: English, German, Chinese


Publisher: AEDES BERLIN (January 1, 2007)


Paperback: 234 pages


ISBN: 3-937093-76-1


Price: 121,65 EUR

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Graft World Reverse the Continental Drift


For a very simple reason, phylloxera (or vine pest) came to be established as heraldic animal of GRAFT: When in the middle of the 19th century the biggest part of the European vineyards, in particular their root areas, fell victim to infestation with vine pest, one of the most prestigious and identity-forming cultural achievements of the Occident was under existential threat. What a historical irony that at the time the stock of European vines could only be saved by importing American wild roots, which were immune against vine pest. An advanced European culture, renowned and respected worldwide, used the powers of their uncultivated and uncomplicated family relations. Even more: Left to its own resources, it was heading for extinction and only by grafting the mentioned noble sprigs onto the American cowboy stem could be made fit to survive.