KU64 Dental Spa

Project type: Healtchare, Wellness, Spa


Location: Berlin, Germany


Time: 2010


Client: Dr. med. dent. Stephan Ziegler


Status: Completed


Size: 75 sqm


Cost: non-disclosed


The design concept for the dental clinic of Dr. Ziegler devises a radically new morphology for a medical setting. Folding, undulating floors create rises and hollows to hide in, inspired by a beach dune landscape. Ceiling and floor reflect each other in waves, defining protective spaces without the use of distinct enclosures. Hills and valleys are configured to enable privacy and intimacy as well as openness and vista.


Anamorphic images in white are silkscreened onto the orange surface and can only be deciphered from distinct viewpoints. While moving through the clinic, the surface’s appearance continuously changes. Furniture and topographical volumes double as storage space, and technical equipment is seamlessly integrated into the contours of the interior.