Project type: Product Design


Developer: TRILUX GmbH & Co. KG


Designer: Felix Monza


Year: 2017




Photos: TRILUX


In cooperation with TRILUX, GRAFT developed the Parelia LED Lamp. With a length of 2,1 meters and a special light steering it is ideally designed to perform the need of light for working spaces. The lighting seems pleasantly homogenous through a high level of indirect light which prevents blinding. Using the Parelia LED in a form of a lighting trace can lighten up even big offices, open-space-concepts and workbenches optimally. In addition to the contrast of the qualified materials, the lamps design represents GRAFTS typical expression in form which consists of experimental approaches and interdisciplinary design practices.


The language of the Pareila LED is developed by the conceptual fusion of direct and indirect light. The emitting light follows the designed geometry and transforms a planar lighting into a three dimensional lighting object.