Roofing Wolfsburg

Project type: Urban Planning


Location: Wolfsburg, Germany


Time: 2009


Status: Competition


In Collaboration with Schlaich Bergermann und Partner

Several problems- one solution: two roofs at the Wolfsburg main station and in the district Nordkopf are envisioned. The roofs redefine the square situation, give protection from the elements between the main station and the bus stops and generate the guidance system. They react to the major axes in the broad city picture. The roof at the main station will cover parts of the forecourt, the pedestrian way to the other side of the road and is situated in the axis of the street “Bahnhofstraße”.


The roof at the bus terminal situates itself between the axis “Kollerachse” and the gate of the city the Phaenos museum. It marks the central point of Wolfsburg. On the northern corner, the roof will rise and present a nice view towards the Volkswagen factory, the museum and the main station. The formal situation of the architecture within the district “Nordkopf” is characterized by harsh lines. The southern space floods into these lines and the roofs lie lightly and filigree on the flooding space and are being formed by it. Formally, they contradict to the local architecture, yet its lightness and position let them seem natural.