Project type: Adventure Park


Location: Munich, Germany


Time: 2017


Status: Completed


Client: APASSIONATA Park München GmbH & Co.KG.


Photos: Stefan Müller-Naumann and EQUILA

After winning the first prize in the competition for the show palace themed world in 2013 and about twelve months of construction, GRAFT implemented the first building, the show palace Munich in 2017.

Located in the district of Fröttmaning, right next to the Allianz Arena in Munich, the project creates an interactive adventure for the visitors on the theme of horses with twelve additional pavilions.


The show palace offers space for 1,700 viewers, who can watch the unique horse show on a 40 meter long stage. All visitors are guaranteed a good view and a short distance to the stage since this layout allows only a few rows of seats.

Show palace and stage design have been developed to allow the access of the horses from all directions to the show space. Along with high tech projection technologies, reality and virtual show effects merge to a flexible total theatre.

The front of the show palace is constructed with a wooden façade, which is brought to life by an underlying light installation every evening.

The overall shape of the façade abstracts the dynamic of free running horses and creates one more illusory show effect for the visitors.

The show palace with its visually powerful theatre world is the centrepiece of the park and creates a symbiotic relationship between the architecture and the surrounding landscape, between nature and art world.

The different functions and moods of the various pavilions are concentrated through the use of wood as well as a formal DNA in a harmonious complete ensemble and create therefor a new spatial identity of the brand. Wood as a natural and familiar material supports the readability of the avant-garde design vocabulary.


GRAFT created an exceptional themed world that will become the face and label of the outstanding horse show. Further work at the theme park is going to be continued in 2018. In addition to the show palace the pavilions with a horse care-centre, a horse museum, a farrier, an infirmary, a Science Centre, a riding and lunging hall, a 360° cinema, a foal station and different stables complete the horse world experience.