Tbilisi International Airport

Project type: Urban Planning


Location: Tbilisi, Georgia


Time: 2008


Tbilisi Airport City


The Tbilisi International Airport project is an endeavor of Tippin Corporation to develop an Airport City in Georgia. Its goal is to provide appropriate office, conference, hotel, cargo and business facilities for the increasing numbers of international travelers coming to do business in Georgia or using TIA as a gateway to the entire region. GRAFT’s design for the TIA project occupies a 245,000 sqm site located on the main access road to the airport, the highway easily visible and accessible. The three organizing design elements include a Supporting Spine through the whole site, a Terminal Spine integrating the existing terminals under a single roof and a Presidential Axis which emphasizes the beautiful existing ‘Presidential Terminal’. Arranged along the Supporting Spine are two hotels, a convention center to host national and international trade fairs, a long-term parking garage, casino, office park, business park, a cargo and logistic center and several additional hangars.