Project type: Hotel, Retail, Adaptive Reuse


Location: Tsinandali, Georgia


Time: 2008


GRAFT’s initial response to the unique qualities of the Tsinandali Estate, both its cultural significance and its stunning natural setting, influenced the design process throughout. In placing a new form in gentle juxtaposition to the existing structures, the passage of time in this special place is revealed. Transforming a large part of the existing facilities with great respect for the unique and extensive vaults of the cellar, the addition will emphasize breathtaking views over the estate and towards the Caucasus Mountains beyond.


GRAFT employed light, low-slung horizontal forms which present a focal finality for the park. Existing brick masonry will be restored and the addition will be clad in warm natural wooden shingles, blending harmoniously with the earth tones on site. The existing structure will be preserved, and revitalized by the introduction of various public functions. The new symbiosis will draw life and activity into the complex throughout the year. Hotel functions are housed in the main factory building, where the reception, hospitality and conference facilities take advantage of the space’s generous proportions. The restaurant & lounge bar face the two courtyards, which are landscaped to create a seamless blend with the parkland outside. The restaurant and conference facilities are accessible directly from the outside, and can be operated independently from the hotel. A terrace connects all of these facilities and allows for maximum flexibility in housing various events.


Residential facilities rest on top of this public-oriented podium building. Each room is orientated to create a unique relationship between private space and the vast expanse of nature beyond. Though undulating freely above, the addition’s structural system reflects the grid of the existing vaults. Indoor spa facilities take advantage of the estate’s cavernous, atmospheric cellar spaces, while the outdoor pool sits on the roof open to sunshine and nature, creating an intriguing combination of spaces for leisure. Two of the vaults in the cellar will be converted into exhibition space that will host a collection of historic bottles as well as a presentation showing the old methods of pressing and storage of wine and, moreover, the history of Tsinandali.


The revitalisation of the Tsinandali Estate will tell a new story through gentle, sophisticated, organic forms in subtle interplay with the powerful existing structure, breathing new life into the old stones and offering guests a rich and stimulating variety of experiences.