Urban Tech Republic

Project type: Feasibility Study


Location: Airport Berlin-Tegel TXL, Berlin, Germany


Time: 2013


Client: TXL The Urban Tech Republic


Status: in Progress

The conversion of the existing Terminal D into a start-up center for tech-companies is subject of a feasibility study by GRAFT.


Together with the planned Beuth University in Terminal A, the building shall function as a nucleus for the development of “The Urban Tech Republic”. The high functional character of the first construction phase in Terminal D shall develop brilliance for the future phases of the large-scale project “Urban Tech Republic”.


On the former airport, Terminal D offers optimal conditions for being conversed and serves as an incubator for start-ups. The location of the airport Berlin Tegel TXL including its locational advantages, the good transport connection, its status as industrial center, and the historic importance is clearly unique in Germany.
The spatial program includes co-working spaces, group and meeting rooms, communication und office spaces, as well as a day nursery for max. 50 children.