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Project Type: Residential


Location: 16515 Oranienburg, Germany


Time: 2017-2020


Client: TAS OR Projekt GmbH & Co, KG


Status: In Progress


Size: 35,390 sqm

GRAFT planned a new residential quarter close to the riverfront of the river Havel in the center of Oranienburg, a town in the north of Berlin.

The area measures circa 15.500 square meters and borders on the south sidearm of the river.  The Louise-Henriette-Steg is located to the north of the project, a traffic free street that creates a calm border of the plot, while the Lehnitzstraße in the east provides the access to the residential underground car park.


In between historical city and train station the plot provides an optimal environment consisting of an atmosphere with a high living quality and good traffic connections. Following the Lehnitzstraße and the Louise-Henriette-Steg, linear buildings of five levels with dynamic facades defined by cantilevered elements and generous setbacks frame the existing four buildings of the historical storage ensemble and the three new villas. Through the meandering structure of the block, the buildings divide into smaller volumes and appear to organize the space in more dimensions. The constructed block frame has two characteristic gaps within the structure and creates view axes to the central courtyard, the historical granary as well as an axis to Oranienburgs central station.

The 37 meter high granary is found in the center of the project and creates a monumental landmark through it’s cultural history that becomes the projects namesake. Moreover the central position of the granary integrates into the composition of the designed quarters.

The open building structure of the three freestanding and four leveled buildings enables the view axes as well as the accessibility to the greenspace on the south side arm of the Havel. As transparency and openness are key aspects of the ensemble, the designed promenade allows one to experience the ensembles permeability from the waterside.


The residential quarter is composed by a mix of 264 apartments in different sizes ranging from 2- to 5-room apartments that are characterized by flexible ground plans and balconies which are oriented towards the waterfront. As a result the calm manifested volumes obtain an unmistakable expression through the gradient compression of the loggias. Furthermore the central greenspace provides a communal function and creates a public space that completes the search of individuality within the ensemble.