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Saturday, January 14th 2017 the BRLO BRWHOUSE at Berliner Gleisdreieck opened for public and is from now on fully functioning as the gastronomic hot spot it has been built as.

Our clients, the craft beer-brewer BRLO Berlin are happy to see their business up and running and so are we. The free standing building is made of overseacontainer in a modular building method. Due to this you can easily dismantle the building and build it up at another place. For now it is planned to stay at Gleisdreieckpark for three to five years.

GRAFTIES at the party were the founding members Lars Kr├╝ckeberg, Wolfram Putz and Thomas Willemeit. They immediately made plans for the next cooperation with BRLO. This time it is about crafting Beer. Look out for the first edition of GRAFT Beer!