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GRAFT founding partner Wolfram Putz will give a lecture for students of the Technical University of Vienna on Tuesday, December 05th 2017. Within the tarp_, The Airport_city Research Project of the University he will give an overview of the recent GRAFT projects.


The lecture takes place at the auditorium 7 – Schütte-Lihotzky in the main building.


When: 05.12.2017, 7 pm

Where: TU Vienna, main building, auditorium 7 – Schütte-Lihotzky

Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna/ Austria in court 2, staircase 7



For further information visit http://www.raumgestaltung.tuwien.ac.at/nachrichten/graft.html

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GRAFT founding partner Wolfram Putz participates at the symposium „Shared Building“ taking place on Monday, December 4th in Berlin. Initiated by the creators of Holzmarkt, the event aims to start a discussion on changes in the utilization of buildings also in terms of future sustainability.

Within this topic area the utilization concept of the project Eckwerk will be also discussed in conversation with Jan Kleihues of Kleihues + Kleihues and further participants.


The Holzmarkt invites planner, architects, developer, politicians and interested parties, to discuss the future of sustainability of building and utilization. Therefor innovative utilization concepts, development approaches, practical examples and legal challenges are being considered.


When: Monday, December 04th, 2017 / 7-9 pm (entry 6.30pm)

Where: Säälchen, Holzmarkt, Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin


For the registration, please send a mail to symposium@holzmarkt.com

For more information about the project Eckwerk, please visit www.eckwerk.com/en

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On Friday, November 24, 2017, the celebrations for the topping-out ceremony of the new office building of Trilux in Cologne took place.

GRAFT designed a modern building, which supports establishing an address as an attractive location by its landmark effect. On four floors both work- and meeting rooms as well as areas for different showrooms and an auditorium are planned. A two-storey reception area is conceived as a prominent shop window and public space. It is both a spacious area for meetings and gatherings as well as a display space at the same time.

The new building is set to be completed in 2018.

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On Monday, the 27th of November 2017, GRAFT architect Annette Finke is giving a lecture at the conference light technique of the OSRAM GmbH in Berlin.

With the title „Healing Architecture – Parametric Spatial Design in intensive care units“ she constitutes the impact of architecture and design during the healing process of patients in intensive care with the GRAFT project of the same name.

Along Annette Finke there will be more guests at the conference, dealing with the leading questions „(How) affects light?“ and „What is light doing?“.

When: November 27th, 2017, lecture by GRAFT architect Annette Finke 2.45 pm

Where: OSRAM GmbH, Nonnendammallee 44, 13629 Berlin


For further information please visit http://www.optecbb.de/aktuelles/dokumente/171127_Flyer_HFK_Lichttechnik_OSRAM_Stand_171025.pdf

For the registration go to http://optecbb.de/lang/de/anmeldung_20171127_hfk_licht.php

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At this Year’s “Heinze Architektour Congress” in Berlin, GRAFT founding partner Thomas Willemeit is going to give a lecture.

The congress is beginning with an opening event on the 22nd of November and takes place until the 23rd. With a varied program newcomer of the architecture branch as well as well-known architects are going to present.

The organizer Heinze supports architects and planner in Germany with detail planning and is multimedia information partner for building and equipment products.


When: Wednesday, November 22nd 2017, 11.15 am

Where: STATION Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 4-6, 10963 Berlin


For more information visit: https://architektour.heinze.de/architektour/kongress-berlin/

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GRAFT founding partner Thomas Willemeit is going to be chair of the judging panels in the categories of INSIDE: Retail and INSIDE: Health and Education at the World Architecture Festival WAF 2017 taking place in Berlin from November 15th to 17th. As part of the festival there is going to be the award-ceremony to honor architectural projects, which either have been completed or are still in progress.
Besides the ceremony there will also be a comprehensive program with different seminars, workshops, guided tours, parties, and more.


When: 15th to 17th of November 2017
Where: Arena Berlin, Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin


For more information about the program and the event, please visit: https://www.worldarchitecturefestival.com

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On November 08th 2017 GRAFT founding partner Thomas Willemeit is going to give a lecture at the convention trade fair of architectureworld in Duisburg-North. The lecture „Dream. Design. Deliver.“ deals with different challenges of the development of architecture.


The architecture branch is going to meet at November 08th and 09th to discuss themes such as facades, techniques and sustainable building. This year there will also be the first Milestone-Award for outstanding architecture and the German Hotel Day, which supplements the themes with interior design, facade construction, techniques of hotel groups, private hotels and senior residences.


When: Wednesday, November 08th 2017, 10.45 am

Where: Kraftzentrale at the Landschaftspark Duisburg-North, Emscherstraße 71,

47137 Duisburg-Meiderich


For more information about the event and the registration, please visit: https://architectureworld.com

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The German Ministry for Environment chose SOLARKIOSK as a part of their „Prepared for the Future“-campaign within the Bonn Challenge for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, 23rd Conference of the Parties COP23. The campaign acknowledges achievements of climate protection worldwide.

Different projects, portrayed by the campaign, demonstrate why the global transformation to a greenhouse gas neutral world is progressing.


The world climate conference 2017 is taking place in Germany, led by the presidency of the Fiji Islands. For this purpose diplomats, politicians and representatives of the civil society from all around the world are going to meet from November 06th to 17th 2017 in Bonn.


For further information visit http://www.cop-23.org or https://www.cop23.de/en/campaigns/campaign-ready-for-the-future/spread-of-solar-kiosks-in-africa/

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GRAFT founding partner Wolfram Putz will give a podium lecture at the NAX event „International Future Trends in Architecture – New Technologies, New Mobility, New Living Arrangements“ on the 7th of November. Within the podium theme „On the Way to the Future: How Do We Live and Work Tomorrow?“ his lecture titles „Work Environments 4.0“.


The Network for Achitecture Exchange NAX supports architects, engineers and specialist planners on their way abroad.

At this year’s advanced training course topics such as flexibility, mobility, home office, flat hierarchies, part-time models, automatization, and digitalization will be discussed.



When: November, 7th, 16-20h, lecture by Wolfram Putz 16.20h Podium I

Where: Architekten- und Stadtplanerkammer Hessen, Bierstadter Strasse 2, 65189 Wiesbaden



For more information about the event, please click here.

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On November the 07th, GRAFT founding partner Wolfram Putz will give a lecture about new mobility-infrastructures and the challenge and chance of residential and urban planning that come with it.


The Planer Convention is organised by the Grundfos GmbH and aims to discuss the future of building technology and the digitalization of facility management with invited experts.


When: Tuesday, November 07th 2017, 11.30 am

Where: Westhafen Pier 1, Rotfeder-Ring 1, 60327 Frankfurt a.M.


For more information and tickets, please visit http://www.grundfos.de/planerconvention2017

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On October 26th, Bauwerk Capital accepted the European Property Award in London for the housing project WAVE Waterside Living Berlin. The project convinced within the category „Best Development Marketing Germany“.


The European Property Awards count to the most renowned awards of the European real estate industry. Every year a jury of branch-experts honors projects in categories such as design, qualtiy, service, innovation, originality and sustainability.


For more information please visit https://www.bauwerk.de or https://graftlab.com/de/portfolio_page/wave/

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After about 12 months of construction, the show palace designed by GRAFT is the first building of the APASSIONATA Park in Munich. The new large-scale project is located in the district of Fröttmaning in the immediate vicinity of the Allianz Arena and is a new theme park for the city of Munich. It officially opens on Sunday, November 5th with the premiere show of “Equila”.

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On Thursday evening, 19.10.2017, GRAFT architect Arne Wegner gives a lecture in the series “vh Architektur” at the Ulmer Volkshochschule in Ulm, Germany. The focus of the lecture series is “Architecture policy: projects that rough up”. In his keynote, Arne Wegner focuses on the “the original mission of architecture”. Moreover he shows GRAFT projects that have been self-initiated and in which architecture is perceived as an active contribution to social issues.

With its “vh Architetkur” the Ulmer Volkshochschule in Ulm offers a professional forum in which interested citizens as well as award winning architects exchange ideas and experiences. The event is organized by the Ulmer Volkshochschule and the Lichtbergkino in Ulm.


Admission from 9,- euros.

Where: Lichtburg Kino, Frauenstraße 61, 89073 Ulm

When: Thursday, 19 October 2017, 7 pm

Further information: http://bit.ly/2gruSvz

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On Wednesday evening, 18.10.2017, GRAFT founding partner Lars Krückeberg gives a lecture in the series “Trendlabor” at Sanitär Wahl GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany. The focus of the lecture is “Dream. Design. Deliver”. In his keynote, Lars Krückeberg talks about the future of architecture. Moreover he shows some projects of the last 20 years of his work as an architect.

With “Trendlabor” Sanitär Wahl offers a platform to discuss topics like design, architecture and visions in bathroom design once a year.


Where: Sanitär Wahl GmbH, Unter dem Birkenkopf 23, 70197 Stuttgart (West)

When: Wednesday, October 18th 2017, 7 pm

Registration and further information: http://www.sanitaer-wahl.de/de/trendlabor

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After 18 month of construction, the private residential in Berlin was finished. The Villa is one of a kind following new paths of formal language and outpaces classic architecture. In the venerable Berlin quarter Grunewald, this building presents a new generation of modern villas unifying modern aesthetics and unique comfort. Read more…

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On Thursday evening, 12.10.2017, GRAFT founding partner Thomas Willemeit gives a lecture in the series “Architektur After Work” at the Giesserei Oerlikon in Zurich, Switzerland. The focus of the lecture is architecture and atmosphere. In his keynote, Thomas Willemeit talks about the perception and the essence of architecture, how we experienced architecture in the past and also how we want to experience it in the future. Moreover he show some projects of the last 20 years of his work as an architect.

“Architektur After Work” is an event that offers an architectural discourse within a nice atmosphere and a platform for exchanging knowledge between professionals. This event is organized by the Docu Media Schweiz GmbH.


Where: Giesserei Oerlikon (Room Metalli), Birchstrasse 108, 8050 Zurich

When: October 12th 2017, 7 pm

Further information: http://www.docu.ch/de/architekturafterwork-partner

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On Thursday evening, 12.10.2017, GRAFT founding partner Wolfram Putz gives a lecture in the series “WerkStadtGespräch” at the Alte Mu Werk – Impulswerk e.V. in Kiel. The focus of the lecture series is innovative urban development and architecture. In his keynote, Wolfram Putz focuses on the possibilities for the design of a forward-looking city and the question of how we want to live in the future. Afterwards, there is an open talk.

With its “WerkStadtGespräch” the Alte Mu in Kiel offers a professional forum in which interested citizens as well as people from politics and administration can exchange with each other on an equal footing and learn from each other.


Admission is free.

Where: Alte Mu Impuls – Werk e.V., Lorentzendamm 6-8, 24103 Kiel

When: 12 October 2017, 6 pm

Further information: http://bit.ly/2g1OEtW

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In 2017, the sister cities of Berlin and Los Angeles celebrate 50-year city partnership. On the occasion of this jubilee, Berlin will present itself in the Arts District Los Angeles in a Berlin Lab to which all interested parties are invited. Around the Berlin Lab, numerous other events will take place in L. A., which underline the city partnership between Berlin and L.A. GRAFT founding partners Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz and Thomas Willemeit participate in three formats:


Thursday, 05.10.2017, 1 pm

Panel Talk: Reclaiming Public Space: Street Art in Berlin and L.A. (Wende Museum)

Together with artists and activists, Lars Krückeberg talks about the role of street art and its social and political potential in the cities of Berlin and Los Angeles, and presents the recently opened Urban Nation Museum for Contemporary Urban Art. The panel is organized by the Wende Museum.

Location: BERLIN LAB, LOT 613 613 Imperial St., Los Angeles, CA 90021

Registration: http://bit.ly/2hHAJgC



Thursday, 05.10.2017, 6 pm

Creative Talk: 100 years of Bauhaus: How do we want to live?

The moderator Alexandra von Stosch, program director of the Bauhaus Council Berlin, talks to Thomas Willemeit, architect Van Bo Le Mentzel, and author Theresia Enzensberger about the connections between Bauhaus and design thinking.

Location: BERLIN LAB, LOT 613 613 Imperial St., Los Angeles, CA 90021

Registration: http://bit.ly/2xK6z2L



Friday, 06.10.2017, from 4.30 pm

Presentation: Dimensions of Citizenship meets UNBUILDING WALLS. Curators of US and German Venice Architecture Biennale

Mimi Zeiger, U.S. Pavilion co-curator with Ann Lui and Niall Atkinson, and GRAFT founding partners Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, and Thomas Willemeit, curators of the German Pavilion together with Marianne Birthler, will give a brief insight into their exhibition concepts.

In the context of next year’s international architecture exhibition topic “Freespace” the U.S. Pavilion’s exhibition “Dimensions of Citizenship” will interrogate the spatial conditions of design and citizenship. This exhibition will present works by architects, designers, artists, and thinkers who are responding to today’s shifting modes of citizenship, and putting forth visions of future ways of belonging.

In 2018, Germany will be reunified for 28 years – exactly as long as the inner German border wall (1961-1989) existed. In the German Pavilion, GRAFT and Marianne Birthler will show the exhibition “UNBUILDING WALLS” which takes this parallel as an opportunity to explore the effects of division and the process of healing as a dynamic spatial phenomenon, responding to current debates on nations, protectionism and division.

Location: Bestor Architecture, 2030 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

*Street parking is available on Hyperion and Griffith Park Avenues. Please be sensitive to our neighbors.

Registration: astosch@me.com


All events are free of charge. Please register using the respective links.

You can view the entire Berlin Lab program: http://bit.ly/2fmORr2

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From October 2nd to 6th, GRAFT founding partners Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz and Thomas Willemeit travel to San Francisco and Los Angeles as part of a business delegation organized by the Berlin Chamber of Commerce. The delegation, consisting of 27 Berlin entrepreneurs, will meet potential business partners from the creative industries, tech start ups and green economy during the trip. Visits to large Internet companies in the Sillicon Valley and network meetings during the BERLIN- L.A.BUSINESS FORUM are part of the program.

Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin, joins the delegation in Los Angeles. He travels to California for three days on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the city partnership between Berlin and Los Angeles. One focus of his trip is the theme of urban development. In this course, the GRAFT founding partners will show him some architectural highlights of the city in a guided tour through Downtown.

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On 16 September 2017, the worldwide first URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART will open its doors to the public. Under the motto “UNique. UNited. UNstoppable.” executive director Yasha Young and commercial director Dr. Christopher Vorwerk invite visitors to a two-day inauguration festivity.


GRAFT developed the architectural concept for the conversion of a former residential building, located on the crossroads of Bülowstrasse and Zietenstrasse. By a modular changeable façade, the building itself becomes a piece of art.

The street extends into the interior of the museum. A high line connects the exhibition spaces and facilitates the simultaneous experience of the artworks – from far away and very close.


In addition to the exhibition in the museum, visitors can look forward to high-caliber installations outside the museum, too, which will form an open-air art gallery.


Where: Urban Nation Museum

Bülowstraße 7

10783 Berlin

When: 16th to 17th of September 2017


You can find more information about the grand opening visit here: https://urban-nation.com/event/grand-opening/


Photo (c) Nika Kramer

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