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Project type: Exhibition Design, Furniture


Location: Berlin,Germany


Time: 2007


Status: Completed


Photos: Jan Bitter

The Exhibition in the Aedes Gallery


In addition to GRAFT’s widely published projects such as the prize-winning Hotel Q in Berlin, Restaurants Fix and Stack in Las Vegas, and several international houses, this exhibition focused on the firm’s new and unpublished work including art hotels, private residences, installations, public projects, and several high-rise buildings.


GRAFTWORLD described GRAFT’s unique design process, which fuses syntactic, semantic and phenomenological aspects into architectural works. GRAFT employs cinematic narrative elements, exploiting space-time connections through storyboarding and technical research evolving from long-term collaborations with various organizations.


The exhibit showcased this methodology through a functional and accessible exhibition sculpture displaying projects from all three GRAFT locations. The interactive lounge setting incorporates zones for relaxation, fusing floor, wall, and ceiling elements into a lounge-display hybrid.


GRAFTWORLD proposed architecture that can evolve into a sculpture, furniture, product, urban scenario or landscape. Design, methodology and technology were not classically “displayed”, but were integrated in the GRAFTWORLD .