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In May 2018 a huge lettering will be created as a monument for freedom in front of Berlin’s central station entrance facing Washingtonplatz. The project is part of the new “be Berlin” #FREIHEITBERLIN (FREEDOMBERLIN). As a result, the tag will become the new monument in the dimensions of 25 meters times 2,5 meters.  GRAFT will design the lettering in cooperation with GRAFT Brandlab GmbH.


Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin, Berlin Partner and local artists called all citizens of Berlin to participate and design a piece of freedom: “Berlin lives and loves freedom. We, as citizens of this beautiful city, will never forget, that peace and freedom are not always natural state. With this project, we want to commit to our self-evidence that the capital has developed through its history and place a creative landmark towards cosmopolitanism and tolerance since it’s the 28th annual of Berlin’s reunion, the same time period the wall was dividing our city.”


As a part of the project “Denk Mal an Freiheit” the three GRAFT founding Partner Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz and Thomas Willemeit have a clear point of view towards the topic: “Berlin is and will be rebellious, but still searching. The art and the courage of breaking boundaries and deconstructing walls are a part of the city’s character- which is the city’s biggest potential for the future. The project #FreiheitBerlin portraits that perfectly.”


Berlin Art Bang, known for their effective project „THE HAUS“, are looking for creative co-designers for the first part of the project. Marco Bollenbach, Jörn Reiners and Kimo von Rekowski, who are part of the art collective Die Dixons, say: ”After the team of Berlin Partner told us about the project, it was obvious for us, that we have to be a part of it. Berlin is our city and we will support everyone who stands up for freedom, art, and tolerance.”


Everybody has the chance to apply and design the six letters BERLIN. There is one condition: The designs have to be adaptable on every letter and visualize the sense of freedom.


The installation will be a part of Berlin’s first Mural Festival, which will take place from May the 14th until the 21st, 2018.

Everyone interested can apply with their idea until April 13th on

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