The English word ‘graft’ provokes a variety of meanings and multiple readings. It stands for transplants in the field of medicine, but also for hard work. In the terminology of botany, grafting is described as the addition of one shoot onto a genetically different host. The positive properties of two genetically different cultures are combined in the new biological hybrid.

Phylloxera Vastatrix, originated in Northern America, is a parasite that attacks the roots of non-resistant vines. Between 1858 and 1863 it began to spread all over Europe as the native vines were without protection against the imported vine pest. The Occident started to panic, the cultural heritage of wine seemed to be extinguished. The irony of history: by grafting the celebrated, aristocratic scion onto the wild, resistant root of the New World a robust hybrid was created - the loss of the pure in order to create fertility.


Using this example in botany as a point of departure we understand it at graft as a phenomenon in human culture and examine its implications for Architecture. We live in an age where the identity of the individual becomes displaced from his original physical context and has to continually find new identities by engaging with local and global environments, enriching new definitions through changed locations and media. How can we define ‘identity in motion’? What is fixed and what is mutable? How can the two conditions in varying state of equilibrium continue to support and benefit one another?   The traditional boundaries of Architecture must be increasingly questioned to include interdisciplinary methods and techniques that as a matter of practice expand the quest for meaning and enrichment. Typically, our research spans a wide variety of archetypes from different sources: high culture, low culture, philosophy, banality, architecture, movies, literature, sports etc. Analysis, communication and thereby the creation of relationships between and across these entities is graft. Our product refuses to accept the exclusive limitations of artificial borders between disciplines and elements and opens new possibilities for the creation of expansive results. Unexpected and surprising misunderstandings, global transfer of spatial quality, and the production of robust crossbreeds – an architecture derived out of circumstances, which can only be created through the grafting of different realities.   Spread across continents, multiple disciplines and experience levels there is a mix of native and foreign at all locations and in all phases of a graft project. The consequential connections and adjacencies produced and mutated out of this richness of process both inspire and drive graft and its body of work.


GRAFT was established in 1998 in Los Angeles, California by Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz and Thomas Willemeit. Further offices followed in Berlin, Germany in 2001 and Beijing, China in 2004.   GRAFT was conceived as a ‘Label’ for Architecture, Urban Planning, Design, Music and the “pursuit of happiness”. Since the firm was established, it has been commissioned to design and manage a wide range of projects in multiple disciplines and locations. With the core of the firm’s enterprises gravitating around the field of architecture and the built environment, GRAFT has always maintained an interest in crossing the boundaries between disciplines and “grafting” the creative potentials and methodologies of different realities. This is reflected in the firm’s expansion into the fields of exhibition design and product design, art installations, academic projects and “events” as well as in the variety of project locations in Germany, China, UAE, Russia, Georgia, in the U.S. and Mexico, to name a few. Our collective professional experience encompasses a wide array of building types including Fine Arts, Educational, Institutional, Commercial and Residential facilities. The firm has won numerous international awards. With a staff of talented architectural professionals and administrators, GRAFT has the resources and technology necessary to execute a project from programming to design and through construction, including construction documents, construction administration, and governmental agency review phases. GRAFT has rigorously undertaken an increasing role in programming, master-planning and urban design. Additionally, our firm maintains successful relationships, as needed, with associate architectural and engineering firms and specialty consultants.



LARS KRÜCKEBERG M.Arch., Dipl.-Ing., Architekt, BDA, Founding Partner of GRAFT born March 17, 1967, in Hannover, Germany, residing in Berlin.   Lars Krückeberg studied architecture at the Technical University Braunschweig, Germany, where he graduated with a Dipl.-Ing. Arch. He received his Master of Architecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles, USA. In 1998 Lars Krückeberg established GRAFT in Los Angeles together with Wolfram Putz, and Thomas Willemeit. GRAFT has won numerous national and international awards and garnered international fame with a widespread following throughout its existence. GRAFT today employs 100 architects and artists worldwide.


WOLFRAM PUTZ M.Arch., Dipl.-Ing., Architekt, BDA, Founding Partner of GRAFT born June 16, 1968, in Kiel, Germany, residing in Berlin.   Wolfram Putz studied architecture at the Technical University Braunschweig, Germany, where he graduated with a Dipl.-Ing. Arch. He received his Master of Architecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles, USA. In 1998 Wolfram Putz established GRAFT in Los Angeles together with Thomas Willemeit, and Lars Krückeberg. GRAFT has won numerous national and international awards and garnered international fame with a wide-spread following throughout its existence. GRAFT today employs 100 architects and artists worldwide.


THOMAS WILLEMEIT Dipl.-Ing. Architekt, BDA, Founding Partner of GRAFT born March 3, 1968, in Braunschweig, Germany, residing in Berlin.   Thomas Willemeit studied architecture at the Technical University Braunschweig where he graduated with a Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Besides his successful career in the architectural field, he won numerous national prizes as a violin player and a chorister. In 1998 Thomas Willemeit established GRAFT in Los Angeles together with Wolfram Putz, and Lars Krückeberg. GRAFT has won numerous national and international awards and garnered international fame with a widespread following throughout its existence. GRAFT today employs 100 architects and artists worldwide.

Lars Krückeberg GRAFT


Founding Partner · Managing Director · M.Arch., Dipl.-Ing., Architekt, BDA

Wolfram Putz GRAFT


Founding Partner · Managing Director · M.Arch., Dipl.-Ing., Architekt, BDA



Founding Partner · Managing Director · Dipl.-Ing. Architekt, BDA

Linda Stannieder Brandlab


Managing Director Asia · M.Arch.



COO Berlin · Dipl.-Ing. Arch.



Director of Projects Asia · M.Arch.



Director of Projects · Architekt, Dipl.-Ing. Arch



Senior Architect & Director of Design · Dipl.-Ing. Arch.



Director of Projects · Architekt, Dipl.-Ing. Arch.

Thomas Grabner


Senior Architect & Director of Design · Dipl.-Ing. Arch.

Thomas Quisinsky


Senior Architect & Director of Design · Dipl.-Ing. Arch.



Project Lead · Dipl.-Ing. Arch.



Project Lead · Architektin, Dipl.-Ing.Arch.



Project Lead · Architektin, Dipl.-Ing. Arch.



Project Lead · Architekt, Dipl.-Ing. Arch.



Project Lead · Architekt, Dipl.-Ing. Arch.



Project Lead · Architekt, Dipl.-Ing. Arch.


Oliver O. Rednitz

Project Lead, Dipl.-Ing. Arch., Grad. Des. Diploma (AA)



Project Lead, Dipl.-Ing. Arch.



Project Lead · Architekt, Dipl.-Ing. Arch.



Project Lead · Architekt, Dipl.-Ing. Arch.


sara gómez

Project Lead · Arcquitecta



Project Lead · Dipl.-Ing. Arch.



Project Lead · Architektin, Dipl.-Ing. Arch.



Accounting & Office Management · Architektin



Project Management · Architektin



Director of Public Relations · M.A.



Public Relations · Dipl.-Museol.

Current team members:

AGATA GLUBIAK Junior Architect · M.Arch.
ALAA HADDAD Intern Architect
ALECA BUNESCU Senior Architect · Dipl.-Ing. Arch.
ALEKSANDRA KISZKIELIS Senior Architect · Dipl.-Ing. Arch., M.A.
ALEKSANDRA ZAJKO Junior Architect · M.Arch.
ALEXANDRA TOBESCU Junior Architect · M.Arch.
ALFREDO PEÑAFIEL SUAREZ Senior Architect Architekt · Dipl.-Ing. Arch.
ALLISON WEILER Project Lead · M.Arch.
ALTAN ARSLANOGLU Project Lead · Dipl.-Ing. Arch.
ANA GALVEZ Senior Architect · M.Arch.
ANDREI DAN MUSETESCU Junior Architect · M. Sc.
ANGI REHE Management Accounting · Architektin
ANNA WITTWER Project Lead · Architektin, Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
ANNETTE FINKE Project Lead · Architektin
ARNE WEGNER Project Lead · Architekt, Dipl.-Ing. Arch.
BENJAMIN RIESS Junior Architect · M.Arch.
CASEY MCSWEENEY Director of Projects Asia · M.Arch.
CHRISTINE HUBER Senior Architect · Dipl.-Ing.Arch., M.Sc.
CHRISTOPH KORNER Associate IIDA · Dipl.-Ing.Arch., M.Arch.
CLEMENS HOCHREITER Junior Architect · Dipl.-Ing. Arch.
CRISTINA FRENI Senior Architect · Architetto M.Arch.
DANIEL FINCK Junior Architect · M.Arch.
DENNIS HAWNER Director of Projects · Architekt, Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
DOROTHEA V. ROTBERG Senior Architect · Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
ELENA SUAREZ Senior Architect · Arquitecta Dipl. Arch.
EMMA RYTOFT Senior Architect · M.Arch.
EVGENIA DIMOPOULOU Senior Architect · Dipl.-Ing. Arch.
FILIPA LEAL DE CARVALHO Senior Architect · M.Arch.
FIRAT ERTEGI Intern Architect
GEORG SCHMIDTHALS Project Lead · Architekt, Dipl.-Ing. Arch.
GERRIT HOPPE Intern Architect
INGA ANGER Senior Architect · Architektin, Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
JAKUB WRECZYCKI Intern Architect
JANNIS JASCHKE Junior Architect · M.Sc.Arch.
JAVIER NIETO CANO Senior Architect · Arquitecto
JERZY GABRIEL Junior Architect · M.Arch.
JULIE HOFFMANN Senior Architect · Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
KATHRIN STARCKE Senior Architect · Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
KATJA MYDLACH Project Management · Architektin
KUDZAI MAGOCHE Junior Architect · B.Arch.

LARS KRÜCKEBERG Founding Partner · Architekt BDA, Dipl.-Ing.Arch., M.Arch.
LAURA FREILING Junior Architect · M.Sc.
LINDA STANNIEDER Managing Partner Asia · M.Arch.
LIDIA BELTRAN CARLOS Senior Architect · Dipl.-Arch., M.Sc. Urban Management
MARION WAID Intern Architect
MARVIN BRATKE Senior Architect & Director of Design · Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
MATHILDE CATROS Junior Architect · Dipl.Arch.
MATTHIAS ECKARDT Senior Architect · Dipl-.Ing.Arch.
MATTHIAS RÜMMELE Senior Architect · Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
Intern Architect
NILS VON MINCKWITZ Project Lead · Architekt Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
NORA ZERELLI Director of Public Relations · M.A.
OLIVER O. REDNITZ Architekt Dipl.-Ing.
PAULA ROSCH Project Lead · Architekt Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
PHILIP WEIBHAUSER Junior Architect · Dipl.-Ing. Arch.
PHILIPPE GROTENRATH Junior Architect · Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
PRIMOŽ STRAŽAR Junior Architect · Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
RALF BLIEM Intern Architect  · Dipl.-Ing. Arch.
RAPHAEL HEMMER Project Lead · Architekt Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
RENÉ LOTZ Project Lead · Architekt Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
RICARDO VALENCIA PAEZ Junior Architect · M.Sc.Arch.
RUS CARNICERO Senior Architect · Architektin, Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
SARA GÓMEZ Senior Architect · Arquitecta Dipl. Arch.
SARAH JOHN Public Relations · Dipl.-Museol.
SASCHA KRÜCKEBERG Project Lead · Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
SEBASTIAN GERNHARDT Project Lead · Dipl.-Ing.Arch., M.Sc.
STEFANIE GÖTZ Project Lead · Architektin Dipl.Ing.Arch.
SVEN FUCHS Director of Projects · Architekt Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
THOMAS GRABNER Senior Architect & Director of Design · Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
THOMAS QUISINSKY Senior Architect & Director of Design · Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
THOMAS WILLEMEIT Founding Partner · Architekt BDA, Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
TOBIAS HEIN COO Berlin · Dipl.-Ing.Arch.
VERONICA PARTELOVA Junior Architect · M.Arch.
VINCENT KRAUSE Junior Architect · M.Sc.Arch., M.Sc. Media Architecture
WOLFRAM PUTZ Founding Partner · Architekt BDA, Dipl.-Ing.Arch., M.Arch.
YVONNE CORINNA PAUL Public Relations Assistant · B.Arch.

Presented here is a list of current and former GRAFT designers, architects and artists, that GRAFT has the privilege of calling co-workers and friends:

To view the full list please visit the desktop version.

Aaron Thomsen
Achmad Razzaq
Adwitya Dimas Satria
Agata Glubiak
Agnieszka Wiejak
Ai Honda
Aileen Schüler
Alaa Haddad
Alejandra Lillo
Alejandro Gonzalez
Aleksandra Siszkielis
Aleksandra Zajko
Alessandra Pantuso
Alex Jackson
Alex Liu Cheng
Alexander Grasser
Alexander Jackson
Alexander Jacobs
Alexander Niederhaus
Alexandra Bunescu
Alexandra Kubos-Nowak
Alexandra Nikolova
Alexandra Schindl
Alexandra Tobescu
Alexandra Zajko
Alfredo Peñafiel Suarez
Alice Mayer
Alicia Brown
Alison Winchester
Allison Weiler
Altan Arslanoglu
Alyse Sedlock
Ana Maria Galvez Castello
Andrea Göldel
Andrea Perle
Andrea Schütte
Andrei-Dan Musetecu
Andy Bryant
Angelika Rehe
Anika Klos
Anita Ackermann
Anita Eyrich
Anja Frenkel
Anja Ludwig
Anna Frey
Anna Lena Kortmann
Anna Pilarska
Anna Wittwer
Annabel Cremer
Anne Prestel
Annette Finke
Annette Kniepkamp
Anthony Ruan Jing
Antoine Mahiou
Antonio Luque
Arndt Prager
Arne Petersen
Arne Wegner
Arvid Wölfel
Asami Tachikawa
Assaf Ruder
Atsushi Sugiuchi
Aurelius Weber
A. Saenger
Balthasar Vogel
Barbara Caesar
Benjamin Ennemoser
Benjamin Rieß
Bernd Wölfel
Bernhard Dal-Bianco
Berta Sola
Bertil Donker
Bika Rebek
Björn Rolle
Blaz Solar
Brandon Love
Brian Nelson
Brian Wickersham
Bryan Flaig
Burk Greenwood
Carla Gertz
Carsten Dankert
Carsten Gauert
Casey McSweeney
Casey Rehm
Celi Freeman
Chelsea Chan Hei
Chris Li Ju

Christian Litz
Christian Precht
Christian Taeubert
Christina Cho
Christina Gmeindl
Christine Huber
Christoph Jantos
Christoph Körner
Christoph Rauhut
Christopher Nielsen
Chung-Yang Cheng
Claudia Bayer
Claudia Kessner
Claudia Tong
Clemens Hochreiter
Constanze Elges
Constanze Stark
Cornelia Faisst
Cristina Freni
Crystal Tang
Dagmar Niecke
Dalma Vitez
Dana Bauer
Daniel Büning
Daniel Finck
Daniel Krüger
David Schwarz
David Tyl
Denis Hegic
Dennes Janßen
Dennis Hawner
Dennis Pohl
Dieter Walk
Dietmar Köring
Dirk Pause
Djordje Zdravkovic
Dongmin Shin
Donna Riedel
Doreen Rehmer
Dorian Bybee
Dorothea von Rotberg
Duo Ning
Eddie Hermann
Edward Hermann
Elena Suarez
Elizabeth Pritchett
Elizabeth Wendell
Emma Rytoft
Eric Spencer
Eunhae Kwon
Evangelos Pantazis
Evgenia Dimopoulou
Falko Landenberger
Fei Liang
Felix Götze
Felix Grauer
Filipa Leal de Cavalho
Firat Ertegi
Florencia Carvajal
Florian Niedworok
Francesca Rose
Frank Lin
Frank Petters
Franzi Fischer
Frederieke Reich
Gasper Arh
Genevieve Lim
Georg Schmidthals
Georgina Huljich
Gerfried Hinteregger
Gerrit Hoppe
Gilbert Wigankow
Greg Ramirez
Gregor Hoheisel
Gu Yan
Guenter Buschta
Gunhild Niggemeier
Gunnar Krempin
Han Xu
Hans-Georg Bauer
Helena Westerlind
Helena Willemeit
Hendrik Lindemann
Henning Fritsch
Henning Götz
Henning Ströh
Hiro Yamamoto
Hotao Chow
Howard Wang

Ian-Stefan Chis
Ilias Klis
Imke Meissner
Ines Bergdoldt
Ing Tse Chen
Inga Anger
Inigo de Latorre
Ioanna Piniara
Irina Kostka
Irmgardt Reiter
Isak Birgersson
Iulian Ivan
Ivan Soldo
Izabela Pavel
Jakub Wreczycki
James Backwell
James Lowder
Jamie Norden
Jan Saggau
Jan-Philipp Herms
Jana Deters-Gonseth
Jana Fröbel
Janghee Yoo
Janka Lengyel
Jannis Jaschke
Jannis Merz
Jasper Borg
Javier Nieto Cano
Jean-Rémi Houel
Jeannine Pauer
Jeffrey Kim
Jennifer Scarlett Khan
Jens Hecht
Jens Mehlan
Jeremy Fletcher
Jerzy Gabriel
Jia Chen
Jian Lu Bi
Jiang Yi
Joanna Zielinska
Johan Tali
Johanna Kuntze
Johannes Staudt
John Michael Haas
John Hearne
John Shen
Jonas Aarsoe-Larsen
Jonas Droste
Jonathan Oelschlig
Jörg Dengler
Jörg Stanzel
Joshua Gilpin
Julia Borchers
Julia Kliemank
Julia Richter
Julian Busch
Julian Antonius Reiner
Julian Schultz
Julie Hoffmann
Justyna Mintus
Juyen Lee
Kaha Markozashvili
Karla Mueller
Karsten Sell
Kathrin Starcke
Katja Bläsi
Katja Hensel
Katja Mitte
Katja Mydlach
Keizo Okamoto
Kenneth Cameron
Kerry Xie
Kim Harder
Kirsten Klingbeil
Kleopatra Alagialoglou
Konstantin Buhr
Kris Conner
Krista Flascha
Kudzai Magoche
Kurt Borner
Kurt Hermann
Lan Ream
Lars Krückeberg
Lars Radziejewski
Laura Freiling
Laura Grüber
Laura Knipp
Lennart Wiechell
Leo Clemens
Leo Kocan

Leo Yang
Li Dan Lu
Li Mei
Li Ning
Li Sun Ming
Lidia Beltran Carlos
Liko Zhang Jing
Lilian Yang
Lily Hui Huang
Lin Yu Ju
Linda Stannieder
Liu Qian
Liu Qing
Liu Yixin
Lola Rieger
Lorena Yamamoto
Louis Lefebvre
Luis Berríos Negrón
Lyla Wu
Maik Seidel
Maike Wienmeier
Malgorzata Cvetinovic
Malte Schröder
Marc Schmit
Marcel Kages
Marcus Friesl
Maria Angeles Orduna
Marion Waid
Mark A. Friedhoff-Calvo
Mark Johnson
Markus Fix
Markus Lager
Markus Müller
Markus Nagler
Markus Wilmers
Marlene Kuelz
Marta Piaseczynska
Martin Franck
Martin Neander
Marvin Bratke
Mary Aramian
Mathilde Catros
Mats Karl Koppe
Matthäus Wasshuber
Matthias Eckardt
Matthias Feulner
Matthias Rümmele
Max Schwitalla
Max Unterfrauner
Max Winchester
Max Wittkopp
Maxi Cook
Mei Xiao Feng
Melanie Evers
Melanie Schneider
Michael Ahlers
Michael Brown
Michael Cornelsen
Michael Grün
Michael Hirschbichler
Michael Kraus
Michael Mlynek
Michael Zach
Michele Stramezzi
Mick van Gemert
Miloslav Cvetkovic
Mimi Lepis-Levy
Min Zhang
Minh-Luc Pham
Miranda Squire
Mirko Wanders
Monika Berstis
Moritz Greiling
Mosska Adeil
Muaaz Odah Bashi
Nadia Kloster
Nam Ji Won
Naoko Miyano
Narineh Mirzaeian
Natalja Kopycko
Nathalie Dziobek Bepler
Nathan Miller
Nathaphon Phantounarakul
Neiel Norheim
Nick Mantis

Nico Bornmann
Nicolas Hugentobler
Nikolas Krause
Nikolay Ivanov
Nils von Minckwitz
Nora Gordon
Nora Zerelli
Nuno Mac
Olaf Dittmers
Oliver André Claußen
Oliver O. Rednitz
Omer Iscimenler
Pamela Schriever
Patricia Schneider
Patrick McHugh
Patrik Sonntag
Patryk Pauer
Paul Mandler
Paul Michael Cattaneo
Paula Rosch
Paulo De Araujo
Peter Matthew
Peter Tycho-Axelsen
Petra Elm
Pham Minh-Luc
Phil Trigas
Philip Weibhauser
Philipp Ohnesorge
Philipp Utermöhl
Philippe Grotenrath
Phillip Hornung
Phillipe Grothenrath
Phyllis Wang
Pia Panaphet
Pnina Jalon
Primoz Strazar
Priscille Biolley
Puja Shafaroudi
Qi Xiao Wie
Qiu Shi
Ralf Bliem
Ralph Mueller
Raphael N. Hemmer
Rasa Urnieziute
Rebekka M’Baidanoum
Relana Hense
René Lotz
Ricardo Isaac Valencia Paéz
Richard Ceccanti
Rita Schmidt
Rob DeCosmo
Ruth Kerber
Ruxandra Osiac
Sam You Shao Yong
Sandra Ibarra
Sara Alidadi
Sara Bernardi
Sara Gómez
Sarah John
Sascha Krückeberg
Scott Curie
Sean Guy
Sebastian Filla
Sebastian Gernhardt
Sebastian Lupea
Sebastian Massmann
Sebastian Nastke
Sebastian Sährig
Sebastian Scherer
Sebastian Seyfahrt
Serena Lee
Severin Küppers
Seyavash Zohoori
Shawn Mc Duffee
Shelly Shelly
Sigi Baumgartner
Simon Broll
Simon Takasaki
Simone Gemein
Sonja Wedemeyer
Sophie Ebert
Stefan Beese
Stefan Grohne
Stefan Neudecker
Stefan Ritter
Stefanie Götz
Steffen Ell
Stephan Steeb

Stephan Wiemer
Stephen Form
Stephen Molloy
Steve Simmons
Steven Beites
Suhee Oh
Sun Da Yong
Sunny Wang Xin
Susanne Augustin
Susanne Woitke
Sven Bauer
Sven Fuchs
Sven Neumann
Sven Wesuls
Sybille Paulsen
Sylvain Rocher
Sylvia Stoll
Tade Godbersen
Tamara Pallasch
Tang Fei
Tarak Metha
Taras Breker
Terumoto Mizushima
Thomas Grabner
Thomas Klein
Thomas Neumann
Thomas Niederberger
Thomas Quisinsky
Thomas Rings
Thomas Spindelberger
Thomas Willemeit
Thomas Zeissig
Thorsten Moschüring
Till Mache
Tim Berger
Tim Kolbe
Tim Lange
Tim Sola
Tim Zamora
Timothy Sola
Tin-Shun But
Tina Troester
Tito Walk
Tobias Hein
Tobias Krauth
Tobias Pieper
Tobias Puhlmann
Tom Baecher
Tom Mudra
Tony Wei Xin
Tudor Vlasceanu
Ulrich Pohl
Veit Burgbacher
Verena Lihl
Verena Schreppel
Veronica Partelova
Victor Pricop
Victoria Menor-Torres
Vincent Krause
Walter Musacchi
Wang Juan
Wang Yilin
Wilke Mennerich
Wolfgang Grenz
Wolfram Putz
Xavier Osorio
Xiufu Chen
Ye Xiao Dong
Yereem Park
Yo Oshima
Yosi Segas
Yu Fan
Yu-Chieh Chuang
Yuan Yi Fei
Yuki Chen Kun
Yuna Yagi
Yvonne Corinna Paul
Zara Gray
Zhang Ming
Zhang Zhi
Zhao Xin Yue
Zhou Jia Chen
Zhou Wei
Zhou Xue
Zlatko Antolovic


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Pop Up 2.0: »Brand Experiences, Sales and Stories«, Berlin & Munich, Germany Southern California Institute of Architecture, »In Pursuit of Happiness«, Los Angeles, USA Heinze ArchitekTOUR,»Performance beyond Architecture« HAI Kongress der DGAI für Anästhesiologie und Intensivtherapie, Berlin, Germany Parley for the Oceans, Berlin, Germany

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AIT Contractworld UIA Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey Lifetime Frankfurt, Germany Hotel Luzern, Switzerland SFT Congress Münster, Germany Moonraker, Volkswagen, Trend Research Lecture

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London Design Hotels Zollhafen Mainz Kunsthaus Graz – Schindler Lectures, Austria 2003 UCLA lecture series, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA USA SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, USA


International Architecture Awards 2016, Old Mill Hotel, Winner National Design Award 2016, Make It Right Foundation, Director’s Award Red Dot Award 2016, Product Design, CAELA Lighting System

Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Award 2016, Solarkiosk DAM Preis 2017, Family House Sankt Augustin and Paragon Apartments, Longlist

13th Modern Decoration Internationla Media Award, Old Mill Hotel Belgrade, Winner GreenTec Award 2015, Solarkiosk, Shortlist Ecosummit Award 2015, Solarkiosk Erasmus Energy Business Award 2015, Solarkiosk Red Dot Design Award, Communication Design, Visualization for Object Carpet 11th Hospitality Design Awards, Old Mill Hotel Belgrade, Finalist IDA International Design Awards, Old Mill Hotel, Interior Renovation, Gold IDA International Design Awards, Old Mill Hotel, Interior Commercial, Silver IDA International Design Awards, Old Mill Hotel, Commercial, Honorable Mention Mipim Awards 2015, Architectural Review Future Projects Award, Eckwerk, Winner

Mipim Awards 2015, Mixed Use, Eckwerk, Nominee Connected World Awards, Solarkiosk, Gold, Winner ZEIT Wissen Award, »Encouraging Sustainability«, Solarkiosk, Winner Heinze ArchitektenAWARD 2015, Autostadt Roof & Service Pavillon, Shortlist Heinze ArchitektenAWARD 2015, Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin, Germany WAN Small Spaces Award, Solarkiosk, Longlist GSMA Global Mobile Awards, Solarkiosk, Nominee Deutscher Stahlbaupreis der Ingenieure, Engineering Prize for German Steel Construction, Autostadt, Winner together with schlaich bergermann partner German Architects, Building of the Year, TOR149, Nominee

German Design Awards, Product Design, Solarkiosk German Design Awards, Communication Design, Jugendherberge München City, Special Mention Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Product Design, Solarkiosk, Silver IDA International Design Awards, Loft Hausvogteiplatz, Honorable Mention International Architecture Awards 2014, Autostadt Roof and Service Pavilion, Winner

SARA NY Design Awards, Society of American Registered Architects, Autostadt, Gold Award of Excellence Heinze Architekten AWARD 2014, TOR149, Shortlist AIT AWARD, Health Care Design, Parametric Dream Room, Special Mention Archdaily Building of the Year, Public Architecture, Autostadt, Finalist

Bundespreis ecodesign, Solarkiosk, 1. prize Interior Design Best of Year Awards 2013, Residential Multi-Unit Dwelling, Luxury,  TOR149, Honoree Siemens empowering people Award, Solarkiosk International Architecture Award 2013, Solarkiosk Interior Innovation Award 2013, Fat Tony, Winner CDG-Unternehmerpreis, Solarkiosk, 1. prize

AKG-Auszeichnung herausragender Gesundheitsbauten, KU65, Honoree BMW Young Leaders Award, Finalist International Architetecture Awards 2013, Solarkiosk Interior Innovation Award 2013, Fat Tony, Winner CDG-Unternehmerpreis, Solarkiosk Architecture of Necessity Award, Solarkiosk

AIT Award: Charity, Make It Right, 1. prize AIT Award: Health Care Interior, KU65, 2. prize Heinze Architekten Award KU65, Health Care, 1. prize

Heinze Architekten Award, Gingko Chengdu Restautant, Wirtschaftsbauten, 2. prize Design & Gesundheitswirtschaft, Design & Healthcare, Parametrische (T) Raumgestaltung, 1. prize

The European Prize for Architect of the Year 2011 Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, together with The Chicago Athenaum: Museum of Architecture and Design AIA Los Angeles Restaurant Design Award, Winner category Bar: City Centre, Las Vegas

Central Asia & Turkey Hotel Investment and Development Awards (CATHIC Awards), Best New Hotel Cathic Regions: Winner Hotel Iveria Radisson Blu, Tbilisi Interior Innovation Award-Drift, Interprofil Lounge

Contract Magazine: Designer of the Year Gold Key Award, Restaurants – Casual Dinig, winner: City Center’s Ari Pool Deck Restaurant and Bar 2010 Good Design Awards, Graphics/Identity/Packaging: Architecture in Times of Need Interior Design Award, Best of Year-Hospitality/ Restaurant, Merit Award: City Center’s Aria Pool Deck, Restaurant and Bar

Contractworld Award Category Hotel/Spa/Gastronomy Shortlist: Gingko Bacchus Red Dot Design Award, Platoon Kunsthalle 2010 Annual International Design Achievement Award, CIDF Designer of the Year, Contract Magazine, USA Red Dot Award, Platoon Kunsthalle Seoul

Wolfsburg Roofing/Pedestrain Guidance System, Awards Good Design Award, Kanera 1D 2009 American Architecture Awards, Shotgun House International Architecture Award, Kinderdentist AWARDS Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, Pink Project, Gold

Stahlinnovationspreis 2009, Steel Innovation Prize, Kanera 1D Red Dot Design Award, Thermopal Designers Collection Index: Design 2009 Award, Pink Project, Finalist AIA Restaurant Design Awards, Gingko Restaurant Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, Nominee: Thermopal Illumination Awards, Award of Merit, Gingko Restaurant

Interior Design Awards, Merit Award: Kanera 1E Sadi Award, Best New Retail Store, 5,000 sq. ft or more, Honorable Mention: Eric Paris Salon Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, Nominee: Kanera 1E Boutique Design Awards, Nominee, Brand Ecola European Architecture Prize 2008 Award, Nominee, Loft Gleistrasse Next Gene 20, exhibited at Biennial in Venice IDA Award – International Design Award, 3. prize category Interior Design, Kinderdentist Archip 2008, Public Interior/Innovation, KU64, 1. prize Red Dot Design Award, Kanera 1E SADI Award Grand SADI Award, Opticon D&AD Award, Yellow Pencil, Category Environmental Design/Installation for Pink Project

International Illumination Design Award, Merit Award, Eric Paris Salon Utopia Awards 2008, Pink Project, 1. prize Interior Design Awards, Pink Project, Finalist Interior Design Awards, Best of Year finalist: Healthcare: Kinderdentist Interior Design Awards, Best of Year finalist: Hospitality/Hotel /International: Emperor Gold Key Awards Best Hotel Design and Best Guest Room, Emperor, Finalist International Design Awards, Interior Design, Kinderdentist, 3. prize DDC Deutscher Designer Club, Pink Project, Shortlist 6th Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy Brussels, Finalist Innavtion, Graftworld Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop Competition, Honorable Mention

Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, Finalist, Mercedes Benz&Maybach Trade Fair Booth HD Awards, Best Unbuilt Project: Samana Luxury Resort Interior Design Awards, Best of Year Merit Award: Eric Paris Salon, Beijing

Rigips Trophy 2007, Innovation, Graftworld, 1. prize Bardesign of the Year 2007, Mixology Awards, Bar Convent Berlin: Hotel Q, Berlin

World Hotel Award 2006, Category True Stylish: Hotel Q Boutique Design Award: Best dramatic space and Best restaurant: STACK Gold Key Award Finalist: STACK AIA LA Restaurant Design Award, People´s Choice Award: STACK Exhibitor Magazine 20th Annual Exhibit Design Award GOLD MEDAL, Sci-Fi AMI AIA L.A.Restaurant Design Award Finalist: STACK

Hospitality Design Restaurant Award, Fine Dining Finalist Contractworld Award, Category Hotel/Restaurant Shortlist: STACK Interior Design Awards, Best of Year Merit Award: HEWI Modular Wall CIF – Iakov Chernikov International Prize for Young Architects, Nominee

Recognition Award 2005, AIA, Los Angeles: FIX Restaurant, Las Vegas Wave of the Future Award Hospitality Design Award, Hotel Q, Berlin

Travel and Leisure Award, Hotel Q, Berlin Contract World Award 2005, Hotel Q, Berlin ArTravel Award 2005, Hotel Q, Berlin

Hans Schaefers Award, Hotel Q, Berlin, Honoree Honor Award, AIA, Los Angeles: Hotel Q, Berlin Record Interiors Award for Excellence in Design, Hotel Q, Berlin

Contract World Award, Neue Sentimental Marina del Rey, CA, 2. prize

Femb Award, Best Office 2002: Zeal Pictures Office in Berlin, Germany, 2. prize


Wohnraum für Alle, Architekturgalerie München, Munich Germany

Begreifbare Baukunst – Die Bedeutung von Türgriffen in der Architektur, FSB, LWL-Landeshaus, Münster, Germany

Xenopolis. StadtSinne, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Berlin, Germany NAX Exhibition “Contemporary Architecture. Made in Germany”, CIDAL, Paris, France MIPIM International Real Estate Show, Cannes, France

Findbuch Braunschweiger Schule, Diploma 1945-2015, Architekturpavillon Technical University Braunschweig, Germany T-House Tour, Novoflot, Musical Theatre, Set Design, Berlin

DJH Exhibition, Architekturgalerie München, Munich, Germany Alpitecture – Topographic Structures, Biennale 2014, Venice, Italy This is modern, Deutsche Werkbund Ausstellung, Biennale 2014, Venice, Italy International Relations – Young Architects from Germany, Museum of African Design, Urban Development, South Africa

Energietage, KlimaSchutzPartner, Holistic Living Plus Energy Houses, Berlin Wanderausstellung Gewinner des Bundespreises ecodesign, Solarkiosk da! Architektur in und aus Berlin, TOR149, Berlin, Germany BDA Wechselraum, Ausstellung „Außergewöhnliche Bauten aus dem Gesundheitsbereich“, KU 65, Stuttgart, Germany

Zuhause auf Zeit, AIT exhibition in Hamburg, Oasis for Family  House Hamburg The City & the World: New International Architecture, 14th International Biennial, Buenos Aires, Argentina Architecture of Necessity Exhibition, Virserum Art Museum, Virserum, Sweden

AKG Prize Winners and Mentions Exhibition, Glashaus, Deutsches Architekturzentrum, Berlin, Germany Innovationstag Mittelstand des Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie, Solarkiosk Smart City Exhibition, Hans Grohe Aquademie, Germany

Travelling Exhibition Distinct Ambiguity, AIT Architektursalons in Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart, Germany

Distinct Ambiguity: Graft Architects, Solo Exhibition at Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, Germany

Efímeras-Alternativas Habitables, Madrid, Spain

Aialos Angeles Design Awards Exhibition, Los Angeles, USA International Design House Exhibition, Seoul, Korea Past Present Future UCLA Alumni Exhibition

Stilwerk Design Gallery, Hamburg, Germany A+D Museum, Celebrate 2010, Los Angeles, USA Monsters Of Architecture, Lumas Gallery Exhibition

Updating Germany, Venezia Goes Elbe, Hamburg, Germany

Visions, Pink Project, Florence, Itlay

After The Flood, A+D Museum, Los Angeles, USA

Pink Houses, Art Installation, Mir, New Orleans, USA Graftworld, Aedes Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Graftworld, Zumthobel Light Forum, Dornbirn, Austria

New Blood: Next Gen, A+D Architecture and Design Museum, Los Angeles, USA

Caboom, Los Angeles, USA

Form & Function, Guggenheim Gallery Chapman University, Los Angeles, USA Design Berlin, New Projects For A Changing City«, Vitra Design Museum, Berlin, Germany

Electric Bamboo, Mak Center For Art And Architecture, Los Angeles, USA

Between Heaven and Earth, Talinn, Estonia The Controlled Space, Artist’s Space, New York, USA

Baldwin Hills Art Project, Baldwin Hills High School, Los Angeles, USA

The Controlled Space, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany Surveyed Space, Travelling Exhibition In Vienna, Berlin, Germany Rotterdam, New York, Los Angeles, USA Site Santa Fe, Fourth International Biennial, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Seeing Exhibition For The Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art, USA Taste Is The Lack Of Appetite, Lecture-Tour Through Nine German Universities

Designale, Nomadic Furniture, Design Competition in Munich, Special Mention And Exhibition Next La, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, USA

Tools 2000, UCLA, USA