Human Horizons

hi phi shanghai
hi phi shanghai
hi phi shanghai
hi phi shanghai
Project type
Retail design
Human Horizon
Human Horizon

Designverse Awards 2023-2024: Jury Grand Prize

In 2020, GRAFT was commissioned by the Chinese company Human Horizons to design the retail identity of their electric car brand HiPhi. The architecture reflects HiPhi's core brand values, which revolve around the dualities of East and West, future and present, and art and technology. The result is a unique and striking retail experience, ready for the future of mobility.

GRAFT designed forest-themed installations for the “Made in Germany” regional specialty areas of three different Heinemann duty free shops: Dynamic tree sculptures made of stacked layers of oak that serve as eye-catching centerpieces for shoppers.

In every showroom, these contrasts are represented by two distinct zones. The first zone – ‘Solid Earth’ – is a bright, raw concrete landscape from which various human-focused touchpoints are carved out, like excavating hollows out of a monolithic rock. The second – ‘Cosmic Infinity’ – represents the unknown, mysterious depths of outer space. Dark, crystalline glass facades and media-enhanced dark surfaces create a seamless backdrop for the cars. Between the two is ‘the Horizon’, a sharp ribbon of light that slices through the showroom, guiding visitors towards the main entrance and the products. The customer journey follows specific themes that vary based on the showroom’s location.

In the first location, the Clubhouse in Shanghai, GRAFT created a narrative around discovery, which unfolds along a path that follows the horizon line. A Makerspace brings people together for experimentation and community, inviting customers to engage with the brand with all their senses.


New materials, such as light-reactive concrete, reflect the innovative character of the brand. Just like the e-car HiPhi 1, the spatial design language is bold and sharp, yet elegant and human -focused in its details. This language is essential in establishing HiPhi as an iconic brand with a very distinct mission statement: taking the customer on a journey to new horizons.

Founding partners
Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit
Design Lead
Vincent Krause
Project lead
Casey McSweeney
Project team
Agata Filipowicz, Friedrich Atanasoaie, Bas Kahlert, Sebastian Gernhardt, Vincent Krause, Zsolt Gondos