Platoon Berlin
Platoon Berlin
Platoon Berlin Office
CulturalModular ArchitectureExhibition / StageWork
Project type
Exhibition space, bar and restaurant, offices, container architecture
Built (dismantled in 2017)
Berlin, Germany
Heinze ArchitektenAWARD 2015, Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany 2011, Red Dot Design Award 2010, Korean Architecture Prize 2009

The PLATOON Kunsthalle buildings are designed as experimental spaces for artists, creatives and members of the PLATOON Network; they host art projects, workshops and events.

The Platoon Kunsthalle Seoul opened in 2009 as a space to harness and develop the creative potential of subcultures in South Korea and other Asian countries. Its programmatic orientation towards cultural movements beneath the radar creates a dynamic space where new ideas are born and presented. The project is built of 28 intermodal shipping containers. As icons of a flexible architecture in a globalized culture, the stacked containers form a unique construction that can be rebuilt anywhere else at any time. The interior design finishes and furniture of the Seoul container architecture are developed by Platoon and Baik Jiwon.

Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin Interior
Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin

In 2012, GRAFT also assisted PLATOON in the architectural development of the Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin. It is likewise a modular structure comprised of 34 shipping containers and serves as a platform for contemporary creativity. Unlike typical ‘white cube’ art institutions, it provides a home for subculture initiatives: events, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and discussions on urban street art, graphic design, performance, fashion, digital art, music, film, club culture and political interventions.

Founding partners
Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit
Project Lead
Sven Fuchs
project Team
Alex Jackson, Stefanie Lippardt, Carsten Dankert