Tor 149

Tor 149
Tor 149
Tor 149
Mixed UseRetailResidential
Project type
Residential building
Berlin, Germany
Tobias Hein

A new apartment building has arrived in Berlin-Mitte. Boldly designed, innovative and elegant, it is an avant-garde building-sculpture in the heart of Berlin that lies somewhere between bourgeois spaciousness and modern transparency. The building stands out with its prismatic aluminium façade, bright, sculptural lobby space and intelligent layout of the split-level apartments.

Tor 149 Facade

The house is a conciliatory gesture towards the emotionally-charged atmosphere of Berlin’s ongoing stylistic discourse on nostalgia versus experimentation. The design of Tor149 neither neglects nor emulates historic heritage and urban context but instead attempts to be a continuation of Berlin’s story. Above all, it presents a possible vision for a home of the future in Berlin.

Instead of a classical façade, where the stucco relief is symmetrical about the centre of the frontage, the prismatic relief of Tor149 is twisted to the east. Located at a slight bend in the Torstraße, this produces a visual effect in which the building seems to “look” in both directions. Coming from east, the effect of the triangulated surface is sharp and narrow, but approaching the building from Friedrichstraße, it seems wide and sharp. From one direction pedestrians experience the building as being be contemporary and transparent, from the other as fitting into the closed frontage of historical Gründerzeit buildings.

Tor149 makes a new contribution to the planning of Berlin’s public spaces by referring to tradition and addressing a desire for solid urban identity, as well as by bringing fresh, futuristic building back into the cosmopolitan city.

Tor 149 - Interior
Tor 149 - Interior
Founding Partners
Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit
Project Lead
Sven Fuchs
Project Team

Alison Liang Fei, Andrea Göldel, Arvid Wölfel, David Tyl, Janka Lengyel, Kim Harder, Michael Cornelsen, Oh Su Hee, Puja Shafaroudi, Sebastian Gernhardt, Sonja Wedemeyer, Stephen Molloy