Wohnen am Speicher

GRAFT Wohnen am Speicher Organienburg Niklas Labuhn
GRAFT Wohnen am Speicher Oranienburg Niklas Labuhn
Project type
Residential complex
Oranienburg, Germany
TAS OR Projekt GmbH & Co, KG

GRAFT has planned a new residential quarter adjoining the River Havel in the centre of Oranienburg, north of Berlin. The 15,500 square metre site is bounded to the south by a side-arm of the river, to the north by the traffic-free Louise-Henriette-Steg, and to the east by the Lehnitzstraße from which the residents can reach the underground car park.

GRAFT Wohnen am Speicher Organienburg Niklas Labuhn

Situated between the old town centre and the train station, the site offers an optimal combination of proximity to local amenities, attractive waterside residential qualities and good transport connections. Two gaps in the structure establish a visual connection to the central courtyard and the historical grain warehouse as well as the axis leading to the main railway station.

Linear residential blocks along the Lehnitzstraße and the Louise-Henriette-Steg frame the existing four warehouse buildings of the former wharf and three new freestanding buildings. The expressive projecting and receding elements of the facades lend the blocks a meandering appearance, breaking down its size into smaller volumes that give definition to the surrounding space at different scales.

GRAFT Wohnen am Speicher Organienburg Niklas Labuhn
 GRAFT Wohnen am Speicher Organienburg Niklas Labuhn

The 37-metre-high “Speicher” – a large grain warehouse at the centre of the project – is a monumental landmark at the heart of the complex, rooting it in the cultural history of the town. The design of the surrounding residential quarter embeds it in the overall composition.

GRAFT Wohnen am Speicher Organienburg Niklas Labuhn

The residential quarter comprises a mix of 264 apartments of different sizes ranging from two to five room apartments with flexible floor plans and balconies facing the waterfront. The otherwise restrained and carefully placed building volumes are fronted by a staggered composition of loggias of varying depths and widths that give the buildings a vibrant appearance and each apartment a unique, individual character.

A promenade provides access to the waterfront, in turn underlining the permeable, transparent and open design of the residential complex. The central green space serves as a complementary communal public area for all residents and is directly accessible from the ground floor apartments.

founding partners
Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit
Project lead
Anna Wittwer
deputy project lead
Julie Hoffmann
Project Team

Jorge Luis Arias Anglarill, Nils Besler, Mathilde Catros, Agata Glubiak, Christine Huber, Anne Kleinlein, Filipa Leal de Carvalho, Caroline Lossack, Philippos Michael, Marco Migliavacca, Vera Pabst, Albert Perez Cols, Luis Julio Tomás Gallardo, Corinna Thiemann, Inga von Türckheim, Lorenzo Javier Simón Santillana, Allison Weiler, Marta Wegner, Aleksandra Zajko