GRAFT smartseller
GRAFT smartseller
Project type
Integrative retail space, commercial
Built, ongoing
Ljubljana, Slovenia
2020, First Prize
smartseller gmbh & co. kg
smartseller gmbh & co. kg

In 2020, GRAFT won a competition to design interactive retail spaces for smartseller, a joint venture founded in 2020 between Gebr. Heinemann and casualfood. In July 2021, the first retail space opened in Slovenia at Ljubljana Airport, combining Duty Free, food and beverage, as well as convenience products.

GRAFT smartseller

The walk-through area is located in the airport’s new terminal and will gradually extend over 1,000 square meters. While “smartseller” is the name of the operating joint venture, the in-store presence at Ljubljana airport runs under the customized brand name “all yours”.

GRAFT designed the overall concept for all retail spaces as well as the local design at Ljubljana airport. The concept includes unique touchpoints for travelers, which put their personal customer journey and consumer behavior in the center of the concept. GRAFT identified four different types of traveler experiences at the airport and accordingly invented four different touchpoints.

Instead of choreographing one customer journey, those touchpoints allow for a personally curated shopping experience, corresponding closely with individual needs and interests, which can vary greatly from person to person. Travelers will be able to extend their experience with the #allyours hashtag into the digital realm.

GRAFT smartseller
GRAFT smartseller

The four touchpoints include “your dock”, “your studio”, “your spa” and “your bistro”. Around these touchpoints, retailers can offer and curate product groups and services. The different touchpoints share a common design principle and are made from thoroughly selected materials and colors. They form gravimetric centers to the layout of the store area, which have an effect on the arrangement of the surrounding merchandise and are also in visual and spatial relationships to each other.

GRAFT smartseller
GRAFT smartseller

On this basis, the concept can be adapted to different site-specific or local conditions. In the pilot project at Ljubljana airport for instance, the design connects to the local context through large-scale collages of Slovenian landscapes.

Project partners
Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit
Project lead
Sven Fuchs, Maike Wienmeier
Project team

Besher Alyoussef, Andrei-Friederich Atanasoaie, Tolegen Bathayev, Sven-Jacob Bauer, Sebastian Gernhardt, Zsolt Gondos, Anna Maria Grabi, Ann-Sophie Heuer, Berke Inöntepe, Aleksandra Kiszkilies, Vincent Krause, Fabian Leiwe