M.ICC Mobility Hub Berlin

Adaptive ReuseUrban PlanningMobilityArchitecture ActivismExhibition / Stage
Project type
Mobility, transport, museum, exhibition, infrastructure, e-charging, event space, congress center
In progress
Berlin, Germany
Trockland, GRAFT Brandlab, Art+Com, Arcadis, Drees & Sommer

The International Congress Center (ICC) in Berlin-Westend is the largest congress center in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Since April 2014, this acclaimed epicenter of pop architecture has been closed, with potential subsequent uses being discussed in a broad public debate.

M.ICC Mobility Hub Berlin

To protect the building from demolition, GRAFT initiated a network of advocates and collaborators from Berlin (Trockland, GRAFT Brandlab, Art+Com, Arcadis, Drees & Sommer and many more) to develop a sustainable design concept for securing the building’s future as a major mobility hub and innovation accelerator. It proposes transforming the ICC into the M.ICC: the Mobility Innovation Convention Center.

The M.ICC will offer pioneering solutions for realizing the complex’s untapped potential and approaching contemporary challenges. Overlooking one of Berlin’s busiest traffic interchanges—the city’s Western gateway—as well the former AVUS race track, the ICC is the perfect location for new visions of mobility.

Jointly developed by GRAFT and Trockland, the concept for the vacant colossus at the city’s western entry point envisages a museum for motorsport history, a mobility experience center and the realization of Berlin’s largest e-charging complex.

Drawing on many years of experience participating in international projects with leading players in the field of mobility, such as Volocopter, E.ON and Mercedes-Benz, GRAFT is aware of the demands and opportunities presented by new mobility concepts. With a new use and a new lease of life, this architectural icon will not only offer Europe’s biggest indoor congress space and a central hub for contemporary mobility solutions, it will also be a place where people, knowledge and innovative technologies will be connected with the world.

Project Team

Alexander Moritz, Ki Yoon Kil, Marc Paulin, Nikolaos Xenos, Raluca Ana Maria Constantin