Urban Tech Republic

TXL Urban Tech Republic
Adaptive ReuseBrandingWorkUrban Planning
Project type
Feasibility study
Design and study completed
Berlin Tegel Airport, Germany
Tegel Projekt GmbH

GRAFT won a competition for a feasibility study to develop a concept for converting the existing Terminal D at Berlin Tegel Airport into a start-up hub for tech companies.

TXL Urban Tech Republic

Together with the planned university in Terminal A, the building’s intended function is to serve as a nucleus for the development of the entire Urban Tech Republic site. The high standard of design in the initial phase at Terminal D is intended to act as both a focal point and a stimulus for future phases of the Urban Tech Republic project.

TXL Urban Tech Republic
TXL Urban Tech Republic

GRAFT’s design features flexible co-working areas, group work and conference rooms, communication zones, office spaces and a nursery for up to 50 children. The multistory car park will be transformed into another kind of nursery, in which trees and bushes will grow into a young forest and later populate the new TXChange urban development.

TXL Urban Tech Republic
TXL Urban Tech Republic
TXL Urban Tech Republic
TXL Urban Tech Republic
Founding Partners
Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit
Project Team
Aleksandra Zajko, Alexandra Tobescu, Alfredo Peñafiel Suarez Altan Arslanoglu, Dennis Hawner, Laura Freiling, Sebastian Gernhardt, Thomas Quisinsky, Victor Pricop