Unity Flag

Unity Flag
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Monument design

Union Everywhere
A sense of unity can be felt throughout Germany. It is not tied to a single place or piece of Germany but consists of all places and all pieces of the country.

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This sense of unity has been hard won, then sometimes lost sight of, then regained. It is a weightless, sense of lightness that needs constant rekindling. And it is the result of much effort and also a little luck. From the tapestry of Barbarossa’s coronation to the uniforms of the Lützow Free Corps, the speeches of the Hambach Festival and the democratic uprising in Leipzig to the elation of football stadiums, the German tricolour stands for the pursuit of unity and symbolizes Germany identity.

Our proposal for a Monument to German Unity is these colours and their meaning. They have no mast, are not fixed to any building nor anchored to a specific location. They float weightlessly above our country. When one looks up into the sky, the moment of reunification is revived, the inconceivable, noble nature of this moment depicted by the flag floating improbably above. It wanders and dances over the country, and while it can pause, it is not fixed to any place.

It can stretch to form a solid canopy over places of memory, highlighting the joy of unity all over journey. And it can follow the reunification festivities held in a different city every year. Once a month it returns to the Brandenburg Gate, without doubt the most prominent symbol of German Reunification.

The flag is a medium for the invisible sense of unity that evokes the overwhelming spirit of that moment. It is an entity that is not static, but always in motion.

Founding Partners
Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit