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Project Type: Publication

Location: Worldwide

Time: 2017

Status: Available

Texts by: Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit, Nora Zerelli

Illustration Editing by: Yvonne Corinna Paul, Nora Zerelli

Foreword by: Daniel Libeskind

Layout, Cover Design and Typesetting: Jörg Dengler, Achmad Razzaq, Miranda Squire, Tom Hutton (GRAFT Brandlab), Yvonne Corinna Paul (GRAFT)

Language: English

Publisher: Birkhäuser De Gruyter

Hardcover: 512 pages

ISBN: 978-3-035611-6-25

Renowned publishing house Birkhaeuser de Gruyter presents the monograph GRAFT Home. Story. that shows a comprehensive overview of the firm’s work in the field of housing and hospitality.

Home. Story. is the first publication entailing this broad variety of projects by GRAFT. On over 500 pages the reader finds around 60 projects, permanent as well as temporary housings, from mansions over luxury hotels, high rises to single-family houses, to name a few. Detailed plans and conceptual descriptions make the vision behind each project idea visible.

As a “hybrid office”, GRAFT implements innovative solutions to regular commissions and initiates and develops own projects to tackle social, ecological and aesthetic problems. The internationally renowned architecture, urban design, interior and communication design office is also known for its experimental, interdisciplinary design approach and progressive buildings. GRAFT projects explore the complexity of architecture and ambiguity of aesthetic experiences.

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