Workshop “Future Mobility Hubs: Global – Local” at Green Tech Festival

On Friday, June 18th, GRAFT Partner Dennis Hawner will be one of the key speakers at the BetaPort workshop “Future Mobility Hubs: Global – Local” hosted at the Greentech Festival in Berlin.

Hosted by green changemakers like Graft Architects, TSPA and Berlin TXL, 25 participants from the fields of science, innovation and politics, aim to lead to new solutions in future mobility.
New mobility has an undeniable impact on our urban planning. With a variety of new and upcoming modes of transportation, we need to rethink our ground and air infrastructure.
The workshop participants will investigate how these new mobility formats affect our planning on urban and architectural scale as well as the implications on social behaviour, climate change and the ecological footprint our logistic buildings leave. They will discuss innovative solutions that are catered to new mobility locally in Berlin-Brandenburg and globally.

When: Friday, June 18th, 10am - 12pm
Where: BetaPort Modular, Heeresbäckerei, Köpenicker Strasse, 10997 Berlin
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