GRAFT at the Greentech Festival: Panel participation at the "Smart City Plaza" by Urban Beta and Drees & Sommer

On Friday, June 24, GRAFT partner Dennis Hawner is scheduled to speak at the Smart City Plaza by Urban Beta and Drees & Sommer as part of the Greentech Festival in Berlin.

The panel "Building Transformation" kicks off at 12 p.m. and addresses the topic of Environmental Social Governance. What does ESG mean in the context of new building technology and evolving company culture in a post-pandemic landscape? The panel discusses overarching strategies and solutions for implementing long-lasting and impactful ecologic, social and governnance standards.

Complementing the Greentech Festival conference program, the Smart City Plaza will feature keynotes, panel discussions and in-depth sessions on Circular Construction, Future Mobility and Green Building Technology.
The full program is available here: