GRAFT Co-Founder Lars Krückeberg appointed to Villa Massimo Jury

Every year, outstanding artists can get hold of a state scholarship at the Villa Massimo. In the coming year, Lars Krückeberg, next to Regine Keller and Eike Roswag-Klinge will co-determine the scholarship.

The German government has appointed three architects to the jury of the prestigious Villa Massimo state scholarship program: Landscape architect Regine Keller, managing director of Keller Damm Kollegen, GRAFT founding partner Lars Krückeberg and ZRS owner Eike Roswag-Klinge.Eleven other personalities from the fields of visual arts, literature and music will decide on the ten-month sponsorship of young, German artists*, the so-called award winners*, in the coming year.

Lars Krückeberg was a fellow at the Villa Massimo estate in Rome 2018/2019, donated by the Arnhold couple to the German State, where he realized the project Relative Cosmos - Fragmented Oikos.