GRAFT lecture at Metafinanz Inspiration Week 2023

Metafinanz's Inspiration Week 2023 kicks off this week in Munich! During today's conference program "Ambitious Visions of the Future", GRAFT founding partner Lars Krueckeberg will present "Future Living Spaces". Speakers also include poet and actor Dominique Macri, Gapminder Org.'s Co-Founder Anna Rosling and best-selling author Frank Schätzing. The annual event aims to identify the major challenges of our time and turn them into energy.

Dominique Macri, Poet & Actor: Poetic Recording
Anna Rosling, Co-Founder Gapminder Org.: IMPULS „Factfulness"
Lars Krückeberg, CEO, Graft Architects: IMPULS „Future Spaces"
Frank Schätzing, Author: INTERVIEW "A Thriller called Future"