GRAFT Panels at Moscow Urban Forum

GRAFT founding partners Lars Krueckeberg and Thomas Willemeit will be part of two panels at Moscow Urban Forum!

30 years after the fall of the Wall, Berlin remains an open construction site. Architecture has strongly marked the appearance and identity of the city. How has the face of Berlin changed today? Where do we stand with German and European reunification? And above all: what is the Italian contribution to all this?

When: 1 & 2 July 2021

Where: Moscow Urban Forum

Language: English

First panel with Thomas Willemeit:

1 July, 11h45am (Moscow time)

Urban Immunity. New Approaches to Epidemiological Design

In the mid-19th century, Florence Nightingale, the world’s first nurse, reorganized the British Healthcare system by transforming cramped hospitals into bright, well-ventilated spaces. As a result, in just six months, mortality rates among patients declined by 40%. However, shortly after that, several scientific and technological advances – from the invention of antibiotics to the emergence of X-ray clinics – radically changed the approach to designing hospitals. Hermetically sealed structures and mechanical ventilation replaced daylight and fresh air. The negative aspects of this approach have been revealed during the COVID-19 pandemic, as fresh air proved to be an effective way to reduce people's chances of becoming infected. Leading experts will discuss whether incorporating healing environments into the design of medical facilities or residential buildings can prevent future respiratory disasters.

  • How has the COVID-19 pandemic influenced new trends in healthcare and residential facilities design? What does the ideal hospital of the future look like?

  • What design solutions in medical, palliative, and psychological care facilities help develop patient-centered medicine strategy?

  • What innovative technologies and design standards can improve the efficiency of preventive medicine?


Alexey Danilov, Director, Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine

Keynote speech:

Mohammed A. Ayoub, Vice President, Design Director, HDR New York Studio


Alexey Khripun, Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of Moscow Healthcare Department

Timur Andrbaev, Construction Director, International Medical Cluster Foundation

John Cooper, Co-founder, Director, John Cooper Architecture

Thomas Willemeit, Founder, Partner, GRAFT

2nd panel with Lars Krueckeberg: 2 July, 5pm (Moscow time)

Mixed-Use. How to Find Functional Balance for the District of the Future

Mixed-use development has been employed in development projects around the world for many years. With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the coming changes in the lifestyle of citizens, projects that implement the work-live-play approach will become more relevant. Even today, we are already seeing many office spaces that include retail outlets, cafés, restaurants, green spaces, and galleries. Modern architecture studios help to not only create cost-effective and comfortable Mixed-Use neighborhoods, but to also make them environmentally and socially sustainable, preventing isolation and disunity among their residents. The pandemic has revealed many vulnerable points in cities, including the ability to use buildings and spaces outside of their ‘normal’ functions. Additionally, the time it takes to restructure different spaces for them to meet the city's urgent needs. Does the Mixed-Use approach offer any advantages during pandemics or emergencies? How will the Mixed-Use concept and its implementation evolve?

  • How can existing neighborhoods and micro districts be redesigned and transformed in the context of Mixed-Use development?

  • What kind of cities, neighborhoods and houses will the citizens of the future need, given the changing requirements and new trends?

  • What smart technologies and materials will allow us to design and create the neighborhoods of the future?


Ekaterina Maleeva, Project Director, Strelka KB


Petr Kudryavtsev, Partner, CityMakers

Lars Krückeberg, Founding Partner, GRAFT

Daan Roggeveen, Founder, MORE architects

Simon Chua, co-founder & executive director, Lead8

Anna Sokolova, Marketing Director, Ingrad

Koichi Takada, Principle, Koichi Takada Architects

Vladimir Shchekin, Owner and Founder, GC Rodina