Art exhibition „The Other“ at GRAFTLAB Berlin

GRAFT is happy to welcome the temporary art exhibition “THE OTHER” at our headquarters in Berlin Mitte. The show, curated by Hanno Plate with support from Yvonne Andreini, showcases the works of eight contemporary artists and their diverse interpretations of the interplay between the self and its relationships.

Relationality and resonance

THE OTHER, the foreign and also the other person. The gaze that locates one's own position and evaluates the relation. Self-assurance secures the works in the exhibition and their place in the network of relationships. It is also the view of the other side, the unfathomable and hidden, the unknown and the different.

The Artists:
Christian Achenbach |
Sonja Alhäuser |
Yvonne Andreini |
Nikolaus List
Daniel Mohr |
Philip Topolovac |
Sinta Werner |
Markus Wüste |
Alberto Fiori |

Exhibition open until April 14, 2024
Opening hours by appointment – visitation booking via