JUNG UNIQUE - the JUNG switch collection by GRAFT

The JUNG UNIQUE switch in the GRAFT headquarters

In collaboration with JUNG, we created a special GRAFT design for the JUNG UNIQUE collection. Berlin, the city where we have lived and worked since 2001, and its vibrant urban art scene inspired us to these distinctive switches.

GRAFT feels a great affinity with urban street art and its bold and subversive energy. Urban spaces and the rough edges of a city that are not yet occupied wait for people to appropriate them and fill them with life. Whether it's graffiti or street art, messages, imprints or traces, they are all signs of identification and colorful urban life. The designs for JUNG UNIQUE reflect this attitude and play on the ambiguity of aesthetic perception and what is perceived as beautiful. Used and new, ugly and beautiful, ironic and serious – what can you see here?

Learn more about the stories behind the GRAFT collection, and JUNG UNIQUE here: graftlab.com