Season's Greetings 2022

GRAFT Eiswerk Besher Alyoussef

Dear friends of GRAFT,

Following the lockdowns of preceding years, 2022 proved to be an eventful one: As well as bringing us many challenges it also highlighted numerous issues and solutions waiting to be addressed and implemented in the future. From new, sustainable energy sources that ensure the construction industry will remain attractive as a sustainable employment sector in the coming years to modern, multidimensional digital worlds that are increasingly inherent in architectural concepts and which enable us to organize our lives more smoothly and efficiently.

This year’s sprinkling of joy is GRAFT’s continued interest in charity projects, donating to those who have done heroic things – not for themselves , but for refugees that have fled warzones and other dire situations. It is with great pleasure we have supported the initiative Be an Angel e.V., an organization dedicated to advocating for others and fighting for values that form the foundations of peaceful coexistence. The equal treatment of all human beings is a fundamental tenet of our mentality at GRAFT, where designs are created on an egalitarian basis – regardless of people’s background, experience, or age. We believe that appreciating and highlighting the positive is essential for achieving exceptional outcomes.

Despite the different crises we are currently facing, we hope that an open, inquisitive approach will remain a viable option for our business partners and the architecture industry as a whole. Such an approach is the only way of furthering developments that are beneficial to everyone: Compromises that are at once creative and ambitious and strive to attain a shared implicitness. Our team is made up of dynamic, international talents who are continually engaging with current challenges and developing positive solutions for a successful, enterprising new year! We see ourselves as a collective that understands architecture and design as an ongoing mission. We don’t stop in the face of difference; we transform it into synergy.

The coming year is also a special one for us in many ways: In the fall we will be celebrating our 25-year anniversary with an exhibition at the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin, and soon you can find us at our new offices in Berlin’s Mitte district. We look forward to welcoming you there!

With these glad tidings we would like to wish you a Happy New Year and trust that the act of giving will help guide us all to a prosperous 2023! We extend our sincerest gratitude for all the fruitful collaborations – a huge thank you to everyone who has worked with us and supported us throughout the year.

We would like to wish you a restful holiday period,

Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit,
Sven Fuchs, Georg Schmidthals
and the whole GRAFT team

Eiswerk Grafik (c) Besher Alyoussef