Kinderdentist Berlin
Kinderdentist Berlin
Kinderdentist Berlin
Project type
Berlin, Germany
Dr. med. dent. A. Mokabberi

Tobias Hein, Andi Albert

International Architecture Award 2009, Interior Design Awards 2008 Best of Year Finalist

When children visit the dentist, they are usually greeted by a cold, white, sterile world that bears no relationship to the playful environments they revel in.


The Mokabberi dental clinic, specializing in the treatment of children, redefines this experience in their branch office in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district, offering young visitors an imaginative space with the qualities of an indoor playground. GRAFT devised an underwater world that captures children’s imagination and encourages them to enjoy themselves. A twelve-foot wave in vibrant blue tones welcomes visitors into the building. It unites the upper and lower levels of the clinic, guiding patients into the reception room below and providing views into the treatment rooms above.

The decorative, architectural and spatial elements all emphasize the impression of an underwater experience. Pixelated schools of fish swim across the walls between treatment rooms, while the silver upholstery in the waiting rooms calls to mind submarines. From arrival to waiting through to treatment, a visit is orchestrated as a playful experience.

Kinderdentist Extension

As such, the practice cultivates a positive attitude towards visiting the dentist from an early age.

In 2015, GRAFT designed and planned the extension of the original space.

Founding Partners
Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit
Project Design

Arne Wegner, Aurelius Weber, Arvid Wölfel, Justyna Mintus, Stephen Molloy

Project Design Extension
Annette Finke, Jean-Rémi Houel, Kleopatra Alagialoglou
Project Lead
Annette Finke, Arvid Wölfel
Project Lead Extension
Anna Wittwer, Annette Finke, Dorothea von Rotberg
Project Team

Alexandra Tobescu, Andrea Göldel, David Schwarz, Luc Pham Minh, Patrick McHugh, Ruxandra Osiac, Stefanie Götz