KU 64 Dental Clinic & Kids Club

KU 64 Berlin
KU 64 Berlin
KU 64 Berlin
KU 64 Berlin Extension
KU 64 Berlin Kids Club
Project type
Healthcare, Commercial
Berlin, Germany
Dr. med. dent. Stephan Ziegler
Archip 2008 - Public Interior/Innovation 1st prize
KU 64 Berlin

There are few environments with more negative associations than dental clinics. The hygienic, sterile atmosphere, the obligatory “white color palette” and the distinctive smell are usually connected with a feeling of physical and psychological discomfort. With this in mind, we should be striving for a radical new understanding of both hospitals and dental clinics—moving away from negative reactions towards an atmosphere of well-being and relaxation.

The aim of this project was to enable patients to forget about their fears and relax in ways they would typically experience in a spa, cafe, restaurant or hotel. Why not embellish the reality of a dental clinic with experiences of beauty, health and wellness?

A visit to the dentist could be seen as a journey of well-being that balances potentially distressing medical treatment by such services as consultation, preventive check-ups, beauty therapy, dental care and alternative practices.

KU 64
KU 64 Berlin

The main focus of the extension for the kids dental clinic in 2011 was the lounge and the treatment rooms for the children. Additional rooms serve as laboratories and training rooms. The continuous sand dune topography creates elements that can be climbed onto. The new wing of the dental clinic contains a vertical garden with treatment rooms behind it.

Ku 64 Kids Club
Ku 64 Kids Club
Ku 64 Extension
Ku 64 Extension
Founding Partners
Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit
Project Lead
Stefanie Götz
Project Team
Andrea Göldel, Stephen Molloy
Project Lead Extension
Paula Rosch
Team Extension
Jerzy Gabriel