Show Palace Munich

Show Palace Munich Apassionata Equila Land
Show Palace Munich Apassionata Equila Land
Show Palace Munich Apassionata Equila Land
Show Palace Munich Apassionata Equila Land
Sports and RecreationCulturalExhibition / StageBranding
Project type
Show palace for a multimedia horse show
Munich, Germany
5,000m² (GFA)
APASSIONATA Park München GmbH & Co.KG
Stefan Müller-Naumann and EQUILA
Architecture MasterPrize 2020: Honorable Mention, IDA International Design Awards 2018: Gold

After winning first prize in the competition for the Showpalast theme park in 2013, GRAFT completed the first major building of the complex in Munich in 2017 after a construction period of about twelve months. The Showpalast Munich is situated in the Fröttmaning district in the vicinity of the Allianz Area and is the first of thirteen pavilions that will constitute an extensive interactive adventure playground and theme park dedicated to the theme of horses.

show palace munich

The Showpalast seats 1700 spectators in front of a 40-metre-long stage specially designed for the unique horse show. The layout ensures that all visitors have a clear and close-up view of the stage due to the limited number of rows.

The stage and backstage areas of the Showpalast are designed to allow horses to access the show space from all directions. High-tech projection technology augments the real with the virtual, creating a flexible immersive theatrical experience.

show palace munich

The front of the Showpalast is clad with an undulating folded timber slat screen that appears to take flight – like a galloping horse in motion – especially in the evenings when illuminated by a light show.

The Showpalast, with its strong visual iconography, forms the centrepiece of the amusement park and enters into a symbiotic relationship with its surroundings, establishing an up-beat connection between the natural and the artificial.

show palace munich fassade

The other pavilions, despite their different functions and characters, will share a similar material palette and design-DNA so that together they form a harmonious ensemble, lending the brand a sense of spatial identity. The use of wood as a natural and familiar material makes the avant-garde forms of the pavilions more approachable.

GRAFT’s design for the theme park gives the outstanding horse show a distinctive and instantly recognisable public face. Work will continue in 2018 with the successive addition of pavilions housing a horse care centre, horse museum, a blacksmith, veterinary centre, science centre, a riding hall and lunging circle, a 360° cinema, foal station as well as various stables

Founding Partners
Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit
Project Lead
Raphael N. Hemmer, Marc Wienicke
Project Designer
Alexandra Tobescu, Aurelius Weber, Konstantin Buhr, Marvin Bratke, Sebastian Gernhardt
Project Team
Aleksandra Zajko, Altan Arslanoglu, Benjamin Riess, Matthijs van der Lely, Max Wittkopp, Ralf Bliem, Relana Hense