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Project type: Modular Architecture


Location: Germany


Time: since 2016

Worldwide displacement and refugee migration hit an all-time high in 2016 with 60 million people forced to leave their homes and seek asylum elsewhere. In Germany in particular, asylum claims reached a historic high with 442,000 first applications in 2015 – a 155% increase over the year before. Just at a time when Germany is facing its first home-made housing crisis since the re-unification, the influx of refugees puts authorities under further pressure.


GRAFT co-founded Heimat2 with the partners Lepi Ventures, Bernstein Group and H.W. Pausch to provide dignified housing solutions for refugees in Germany that combine short and long term solutions from typical disaster relief programmes. The objective is to build model residential villages that are socially inclusive and provide living environments of the best possible standard. Apart from the long-term tasks, the immediate goal is to provide shelter and the perspective of a more permanent living situation.

The goal is not just to build dwellings, but to create quality residential villages that are architecturally appealing and socially integrative. In close collaboration with well-known charity organisations, Heimat2 presents a holistic concept that includes excellent operating organisations, good communications with residents and neighbours and the opportunity to flexibly enlarge the residential villages or re-use them later for another purpose.

The first building will be completed in 2016 in Berlin. Heimat2 is also working on other solutions at an international level.


The company Heimat2 was founded by entrepreneurs from the fields of architecture, urban planning, project development, and communication with the aim to create dignified housing solutions for refugees. The founding members are:


– GRAFT Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH: architecture, urban planning, design, co-initiator and architectural curator of the “Make it Right Foundation”
– LEPI Ventures GmbH: corporate development; in cooperation with the Bernstein Group: communication, community engagement
– Synergy Productions GmbH: financing, communication, culture

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