GRAFT wins the competition for the new Carl Bechstein Campus in Berlin

Carl Bechstein Campus

The Bechstein company began its success story in Berlin in 1853 and is now the largest and most sought-after manufacturer of pianos and concert grands in Europe. The manufacturer now aims to build an architectural nucleus, a new home in the city of its origin. The Carl Bechstein Campus in Berlin Mitte will not only be a flagship store and museum, but also a concert hall, academy and administrative headquarters. The company's social commitment will be expressed in subsidized housing for music students.

Our design for the campus aims to unite the various functions with one architectural identity and to create a prominent address in the still young Europaviertel north of Berlins Main Station. A special emphasis was placed on linking the activities on the campus with the neighborhood and creating a lively, urban space and cultural location.

Find out more about the design at and on the company's website.

Acustics: Arup United Kingdom, Tateo Nakajima
Technical building equipment, structural engineering, building physics: Arup Deutschland GmbH
Fire protection: hhp Berlin Ingenieure für Brandschutz GmbH
Landscape architects: KRE_TA Kretschmer Tauscher Sander
Rendering: Aesthetica Studio