Family house opens with inaugural event at Sankt Augustin

The constructions for the family house in Sankt Augustin are completed – on November 21 the charity organization McDonald’s Kinderhilfe will open the doors for all interested visitor to take a look at the building designed by GRAFT.

The house will provide space for families with hospitalized children who are in the process of receiving medical treatment.
The house, a dynamic bended structure, finds its resting position on top of a small hill amongst the topographically interesting surroundings. In the ground floor, a long table centrally located in the public area serves as community space for the entire house. It is here that parents find the opportunity to engage in conversation with each other while preparing meals together, thus creating a reciprocal sense of support and understanding.

This center also has an elongated interactive ramp. This ramp has many community uses, such as a landscape with spaces for sitting and lying, a playground for children, a performance stage, and quieter working areas for parents.
It also connects to a large outdoor terrace. The extraordinary building structure is not just a space for rest and social interaction but also a positive and hopeful landmark.Address:
Ronald McDonald Haus Sankt Augustin
Hans-Wilhelm-Lippe-Weg 1