Founding of Heimat2


Looking at the unprecedented movement of refugees that Germany faces at the moment, GRAFT is taking its responsibilities as entrepreneur and contributes to the supply of dignified housing.
GRAFT founding partners Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit and Lars Krückeberg were acting responsibly and founded “Heimat2” (second home), amalgamated with three other companies from the fields of project development and financing as well as communication. The project ”Heimat2” aims at erecting apartments in modular and system design to present a sustainable solution to hosting refugees and thus overcome the structural shortage of houses for them.
Included in the draft is the attempt to not just create living areas, but a livable residential village, something that can act as a model, something that is architectural appealing, integrative and allows a dignified life.

The first building aim to be realized in 2016 in Berlin and other locations. “Heimat2” is also working on other solutions in the international context, so that other countries will be relieved from the question of hosting refugees.

“Heimat2” is an amalgamation of GRAFT GmbH, COMTERRA CARE GmbH and LEPI Ventures GmbH in collaboration with Bernstein Group and H.W. Pausch.