German Architects Declare Climate & Biodiversity Emergency

GRAFT joins the worldwide collective Architects Declaration on Climate Breakdown and Biodiversity Loss Emergency as a founding signatory of its German wing!
We hope that every German architectural practice will join us in making this commitment.

Our world is under siege by a climate and a biodiversity crisis and the collective considers both as the biggest problems of our time. Buildings and their construction play an important part, as they account for around 40% of all carbon dioxide emissions. Architects Declare calls upon architects and clients to complete a paradigm shift, towards a regenerative, self-sufficient, ecologically sustainable architecture. In general, the collective aims to: raise awareness concerning the twin crises, a faster transition to regenerative solutions, share and distribute knowledge, evaluate new projects according to the collective’s goals and encourage clients to do the same, augment existing structures as a CO2-saving alternative to new buildings, take buildings’ life cycle into account more, integrate more sustainable design principles, reduce building waste further by furthering cooperation between contractors, engineers and clients, further the use of ecologically responsible materials and reduce resource squandering.

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The list of signatories will be updated regularly.

“The dependence of humanity in an increasingly changing environment becomes more and more obvious. In the Anthropocene, what we have designed must be understood as part of this changed concept of nature and prove worth preserving over generations. GRAFT sees itself in the context of an architectural scene that aims to experiment with an innovative formal vocabulary and joyfully integrates the opportunities of new technologies, not only in our daily practice, but in an array of projects worldwide that focus on the development of underserved communities.” GRAFT