GRAFT lecture at Handlungskonferenz Lichttechnik

On Monday, the 27th of November 2017, GRAFT architect Annette Finke is giving a lecture at the conference light technique of the OSRAM GmbH in Berlin. With the title „Healing Architecture – Parametric Spatial Design in intensive care units“ she constitutes the impact of architecture and design during the healing process of patients in intensive care with the GRAFT project of the same name.

Along Annette Finke there will be more guests at the conference, dealing with the leading questions „(How) affects light?“ and „What is light doing?“.

When: November 27th, 2017, lecture by GRAFT architect Annette Finke 2.45 pm

Where: OSRAM GmbH, Nonnendammallee 44, 13629 Berlin