MediaWorksMunich jury for Architecture Matters

We are excited about the Architecture Matters conference and the MediaWorksMunich concept workshop, where GRAFT founder Lars Krückeberg will be a juror today.
The six participants (FAKT from Berlin, Timb.Space from Leipzig, NVO from Munich, KSP Engel, SALT from Cape Town and a group of students from TU Munich) are working on ideas for an interdisciplinary campus in Munich's Werksviertel. The jury includes Christiane Thalgott, a representative of Hines, and Lars Krückeberg.

Architecture Matters is an international conference on the future of architecture and cities. A provocative platform for the curious and the courageous – exploring urban utopias and entrepreneurial visions. The conference brings together stakeholders from architecture, real estate, industry, and politics. The platform was launched in 2016 by Nadin Heinich.