Solar Clinic Inauguration in Jordan

Solar Clinic Jordan

GRAFT founding partner Lars Krückeberg is currently in Jordan. He is attending the inauguration of the SOLAR CLINIC in Al-Mafraq, which he conceptualized and initiated over a year ago as CTO of SOLARKIOSK.

We are proud that GRAFT's design for SOLARKIOSK has been implemented in such an important project. The clinic has been realized by SOLARKIOSK and the Siemens Foundation. It will be operated by the Jordanian Ministry of Health. It is the first structure of its kind, enabling a superior level of medical services in off-grid settings.

The solar clinic provides basic health care for the local people in the host community close to Al-Mafraq solely powered by a 8KW independent solar system. The staff is able to treat up to 75 people per day. Syrian refugees as well as Jordanian citizens benefit from the possibility of blood and urine testing, services like medical ultrasound and mother-child-care. Once the Syrian refugees use the facilities of the solar clinic, they are registered for the Jordanian health care system.

SOLARKIOSK was founded by GRAFT partners Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit and German lawyer Andreas Spiess. It aims at providing clean, affordable energy and connectivity even in remote regions. So far SOLARKIOSK has implemented 240 operational EHUBBsin Ethiopia, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Vietnam, and one Connected Solar School and one refugee Solar Clinic in Jordan.