A Laska

WorkMixed Use
Project type
New Work, office, new buildings, wood hybrid construction
In progress
Berlin, Germany
Interior Renderings

In direct vicinity of Berlin's Ostkreuz, an office twin consisting of two buildings is being built north of the Spree and west of the Rummelsburger Bucht. In this exciting environment of an established Berlin club culture, GRAFT is planning innovative building figures on behalf of Trockland, which will enable new forms of working.


The facades of the buildings are characterized by serially arranged bay windows. At the building corners, these are interlocked with each other, similar to traditional wooden joints.

Both structures are being built as timber hybrid constructions over a basement or base level in reinforced concrete. Visible wood surfaces also characterize the interiors, which extend into the urban space via the numerous bay windows.


In many places, this creates the opportunity to step out of the open office space and even out of the façade to make phone calls or video conferences, to hold short meetings or to relax. The bay windows are an enriching component in the space offered in the otherwise very flexibly subdividable office areas.


The infrastructure of the buildings is rounded off by catering facilities, spacious foyers and sunken courtyards, through which the basement floors are lit. Roof terraces on both buildings complement the working worlds with flexible usage scenarios. At this location, which is valued for its proximity to a wide range of leisure and cultural activities, the vision of a green, lively neighborhood is being created in which people enjoy working and living.

Project Partners
Lars Krückeberg, Thomas Willmeit, Wolfram Putz
Project Lead
Arne Wegner
Project Team
Anahita Dehlavi, Andrei-Friederich Atanasoaie, Raluca Ana Maria Constantin, Fabian Leiwe, Filipa Leal de Carvalho, Harpreet Kaur, Karsten Littau, Nahuel Musso, Sven Bauer