Pitt Studio

Pitt Studio
Pitt Studio
Project type
Single-family house, studio
Los Feliz, USA
In collaboration with
Brad Pitt
Ricky Ridecos

This studio remodel for a Hollywood movie actor incorporates the clients’ interest in multicultural architectonic references and his hybrid lifestyle. The studio needs to accommodate living and working in one space and provide a means to shift flexibly between professional and private life.

Pitt Studio

The true test of the studio’s quality is its ability to adapt and be usable in the long-term, accommodating changing functional demands and creating different spatial possibilities. The solution to this problem shapes the aesthetic experience of the house.

The formal language of the studio translates the haptic material quality of an adjacent guest house into a fusion of traditional Japanese and European proportion systems. The studio grafts the Chigaidana of Japanese furniture with the European idea of the golden ratio. These ‘genetic codes’ infuse one another to create a new design language with its own syntactic, semantic, and phenomenological components.

Pitt Studio
Pitt Studio
Pitt Studio

While rooted in two different worlds, the formal expression becomes something new and independent. The studio responds to the patterns of multicultural urban life, effecting a flexible self-organizing, fluid balance between the poles of need and cultural heritage. It is a habitat that serves as a stage for the continuous re-allegorization of life.