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Project type
Mixed-Use, Office, Retail
Under construction
Berlin, Germany

Retail is currently undergoing drastic change. Increasingly, department stores are being converted into mixed use urban components. GRAFT was commissioned with the redevelopment, conversion and expansion of the existing Ringcenter shopping center in Frankfurter Allee in Berlin after successfully contributing to an invited competition.


The retail and local supply areas will be reduced from five to three levels, so that an extended office use can be created on the upper floors. Local supply through a grocery store and a drugstore will be retained in the basement. In addition, an organic food market will be newly introduced. Additional gastronomic offers on the first floor open the building to the street space, making it approachable and open to the public. Through double-story entrances, the access situation is to be redesigned in an urban and inviting manner.

Above all, access to and from the S-Bahn station will be widened and in future will also lead to the central first floor level, instead of currently only to the upper floor. This will create new open space for offices, medical care and leisure facilities on the upper floors.


The existing tenant base of offices and medical practices will be retained in its entirety and given new spaces equipped to meet their requirements. In order to create a dialogue between the building and its surroundings and to achieve as much daylight as possible in the new office spaces, the restructured existing building will be opened up as much as possible following a rational grid.


Former monocultures are thus transformed into multifunctional, resilient urban structures.

GRAFT Ringcenter Exterior in Progress
GRAFT Ringcenter Interior in Progress
project partners
Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit, Georg Schmidthals
Project leads
Anja Frenkel, Achim Krayl, Alexander Moritz
Competition team
Sven-Jacob Bauer, Benedikt Boschert, Raluca Ana Maria Constantin, Daniel Finck, Ki Yoon Kil
Project team

Andrei-Friederich Atanasoaie, Sascha Krückeberg, Niklas Labuhn, Dorian Mandzukic, Marie Poth, Mira Schade, Bojan Zdravkovic, Martin Bernard, Costanza Governale, Aleksandra Kiszkielis, Margaretha Litten Knoflach, Fabian Leiwe, Izabela Kordyka-Ostrowska, Veronika Partelova, Haotian Yang