Charlie Living project start

GRAFT is happy to announce the official planning permission for Charlie Living.

Charlie Living is the first block of a new ensemble of buildings that will repair many of the gaps around Checkpoint Charlie on the Friedrichstrasse in central Berlin.
Charlie Living is a residential project, consisting of 241 apartments and 48 Service-Apartments. Its court yard will be an open and green space, available for the residents but also for people walking by. The western front continues the garden by horizontally planted trees that connect the green court yard with the roof garden.

The section on the Zimmerstrasse comprises apartments for rent with a common room and reception, along with an apartment hotel, shops and a restaurant. Its two-storey, slightly recessed plinth picks up the line of the adjacent historical buildings and frames a glazed section that picks up the height of the former Berlin Wall at this point. This transparent, almost invisible structure becomes a connecting element that expresses the optimism and cosmopolitan character of the city after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The project is expected to be finished by 2019.